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Comment Solution looking for a problem (Score 1) 710

Like Blu-ray and even 3D, the framerate "War" is a solution waiting for a problem. Show me ANYONE in mainstream society who gives a shit about 720p vs 1080p or even Blu-ray vs DVD... Now have them do a comparison that is NOT side by side, they won't be able to tell. Now find me a single monster cable buying Blu-ray consuming joe-sixpack who will say "the problem with movies today is the framerate is too low". You will never ever be able to find someone who is not an obsessed spreadsheet spec consumer who cares.

ALL my non-tech friends thanked me when I turned off motion prediction on their expensive HD TVs (which is that feature that makes HD movies look like shit by predicting motion and simulating greater framerate to make it smoother aka more "soap-opera looking" in layman's terms.)

People care about story, spectacle, popcorn in that order. Nowhere on the ticket buying masses' list is framerate, though I look forward to the "General Hobbital" "One Ring to Live" and "Days of our Shire" jokes.

Comment Re:Earth (Score 1) 256

Unfortunately, people now will be completely nonplussed when they see the app.

> I want to see some awesome skating scenes (featuring pooning an electric car going its top speed of 10 mph)

Please don't use that word. It doesn't mean what you think it means.
nonplussed - Surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react. it can also mean "not troubled."

If you mean unimpressed, just say unimpressed. If you mean underwhelmed, say underwhelmed.

Comment Re:new ending? (Score 1) 256

You just have to establish it way earlier... Show YT loves fido and feeds him and then when she is leaving the trashed out apartment building someone jumps her and she screams or makes some noise. He jumps through the window and bites the attacker, getting fatally injured and is picked up by an automated greater hong kong garbage drone.

When she jumps from the chopper she makes the same noise, 2 second onscreen flashback as he crashes through the glass/jumps the brick wall and races to the finish.

Basically the exact thing that really happened in the book but with a tiny foreshadow added to dumb it down for the audience, and remove the need for us to live inside the dog's head, which doesn't work in movies (or books usually hah).

Comment I have never in my career heard an IT person (Score 1) 241

I have never ever met a co-worker with an IT title or job description who pushed for "Cloud" "Workflow" "CRM" "Near Sourcing" "Off Shoring" or whatever other new name for old tech that might fly across executive management's desk. That is for CEOs and people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about to chase, and for us to implement.

Comment Re:Might as well... (Score 3, Informative) 406

Yeah just don't try to free lots of memory in VB6!!!

Go ahead and try it...

or .net or java or any common application like firefox or chrome. Modern development doesn't free memory, it restarts/launches a new process. Garbage collection has been a joke since before we started measuring ram in gb instead of mb.

Comment Re:The reason Christianity has this problem. (Score 1) 1359

In the Humani Generis in 1950 the catholic church officially stated that there is no conflict between evolution and dogma. Later in the 1990s their position was further refined to include an acceptance that the human body itself is the result of evolution. Evolution is more than a hypothesis, according to papal decree aka, church policy is that evolution happens, evolution resulted in humans, but that the spirit or soul comes from god.

I mean say what you will about christians or evolutionists, 1.2 billion of them(theoretically over half) belong to a church that believes evolution happened.

Comment Virtualization is inapropriately overused. (Score 1, Interesting) 464

at my 250k employee company with a bajillion servers and workstations, virtualization is mostly a work-around for the ancient and technophobic company policy of seperating servers by the individual application they run. All of my department's server side stuff (except the database) can easily be run on one box with one active/active failover box in a different location. This is how it was demo'd, benchmarked, vetted, and tested. Corporate audit went ape shit that we had an APPLICATION SERVER that was also SERVING UP WEB CONTENT!!!!!!!!! Fast forward 8 years and we have THIRTY TWO virtual servers in EACH ENVIRONMENT (production and fail-over). All doing the job of one decent server, and realistically all together taking up one server's worth of hardware (but with much more OS overhead BS than just using the one stupid server for the various applications.

So basically we pay some VMWare licenses, 62 extra windows licenses, some hefty maintenence contracts, and who knows what else in order to use the server in the way that the software originally was intended to run (1 box for all the apps). Nice workaround for braindead company policy.

Honestly, other heavily virtualized shops that I have seen were mostly the same thing.

Virtualization in the business world is really just a work around for the fact that computers got more powerful faster than they were able to gain trust and confidence of senior management.

Comment Re:Junk food is the problem (Score 1) 655

Please don't do this. "College poor" IS NOT THE SAME THING as generational poverty, or even working poor. If you are in college you have a half billion dollars worth of knowledge at your disposal that the working poor on down will never ever have access to.
You are going to compare the eating and purchasing habits of someone in higher learning finance classes and mandatory health and/or nutrition classes to those choices made by someone who MIGHT have graduated high school?

Please please don't compare "College poor" to "actually poor".

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