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Comment Re:Firmware defective (Score 5, Interesting) 167

Since it sounds like you have experience in this environment, have you any sage advice for a parent that wants to do the right thing for his child?

I am autistic and I grew up in special needs classes and went on to college and now work in a marginally social insurance analysis software development role for a big company. I have a wife, a bunch of kids, a full life.
The big piece of advice is: let him follow his passions, and they will change often, there really is no fighting it, and hey like me he might even end up using it for a nicely compensated occupation.

My second is, try to do your best to teach him how and why to lie. Anybody can say things that aren't true, but the little social lies everyone tells every day were the hardest thing I ever had to overcome. You described a highly black and white world, and largely I had the same thing. I had no idea why you would pretend to not to be disgusted by religious people, or why you wouldn't say things like "no thanks I don't eat food served by people who have dirty shirts and nervous fingernail habits." There is a very blurry line between tact and deceit and that took me a lot of bullying and a lot of painful trial and error to figure out, it is not typically intuative for an autistic person, because largely we would prefer to know the real reasons behind things, but non-autistic people prefer to be lied to in social situations.

Most of the lies I tell people in a social context are straight out of movie scripts, because I can never figure out how to word it correctly on my own. People seldom notice, and when they do they think I am making an "in" joke with them. It is a win-win.

Comment Re:Nearly a certainty (Score 1) 344

Not just that, but it is almost certain that 65m~ years ago debris carrying life was ejected from Earth at escape velocity when the rock killed the dinosaurs.

It almost doesn't matter if life started outside of earth, it has been speeding away from earth for at least 65m years, and probably earlier than that. (from other similar events)

Even if only some bacteria survived and found purchase on some other rock somewhere, life found a way to settle elsewhere.

Comment Re:Not just analytic... (Score 2) 1258

So, Iron age accounts of feats of magic, written decades later, which happen to fit perfectly with pre-existing religious texts (from multiple religious cultures, not just Abrahamic ones) seems like divine proof?

Ok then.

To a logical person, it would seem pretty obvious that fulfilling a well-known "Prophecy" is pretty easy.

Hell if I made an earth-sea voltron and got the call number 666 assigned to it, and nicknamed it "the antichrist" it wouldn't suddenly make the bible true either, even though everyone has the 2 thousand year old blueprints under their big illogical pillows.

Comment Re:Pottermore... (Score 4, Interesting) 299

I wanted to clarify (as an author who works with amazon) Amazon does not require DRM.
Want to publish your book DRM free with amazon? That is a CHECKBOX on their interface.

All of my novels are published DRM free in the kindle store. I insisted on it because DRM is annoying to ME as a paying customer, because I like to decide which readers I read my books on personally, and I would like to afford my customers and fans (even the ones that pirate) the same courtesy.

The first time a fan comes up to you sheepishly and says "I saw your book on TPB and started reading it, and well... can you sign this hardback for me, I bought all your other books too." You really get it.

I push (and sometimes pay personally) to have my books in libraries, I made sure they are available for free in the kindle lending library, I make sure they are DRM free, I have to respect my customers, or they will never respect me.

Comment Long term investments (Score 3, Interesting) 500

Everyone wondering how they could possibly make money on this forgets that in 2036 or 2040 there is a decent chance that the fattest multinational government contract ever awarded will go to whomever knows how to capture an Asteroid. AG5 or Apothis or some other yet undiscovered rock will need to be moved sometime in the future, we know this.

It actually is possible that a few billionaires actually do want to keep the human race from going extinct, as far-fetched as that sounds.

Comment Re:"Even if the Asteroid was 20% gold." (Score 3, Interesting) 531

Horribly inflated? By what measure?

It seems to me that gold is sitting at the intersection of the supply and demand curves.

The primary driver of the high gold demand is artificial (Man made/imaginary role as a parking space for power/wealth). In this case the LACK of supply is what drives demand, and for that reason any large influx of gold would have a much larger influence on price than a simple supply/demand market. Gold is not "used up" in that we have far too much gold on Earth for the current prices if only aesthetic and industrial applications are taken into account. It is rare and it sits there, take away either of those properties and it is not useful anymore.

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