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Comment Re:Aluminum powder is green? (Score 1) 157

Hydrogen is stored in metal hydride powders inside the tanks, because the pure gas will walk through welded seams under pressure. Likewise acetylene is stored dissolved in acetone, because it behaves badly by itself. These indirect storage methods are industrial scale and common.

Liquid hydrogen has properties that destroy mild steel tanks and fittings by making them brittle. Therefore exotic and expensive alloys are used in rockets.

All of which is still "greener" than nanoscale aluminum powder and alumina dust released into the atmosphere. And easier than refining aluminum. Particularly in space.

Comment Re:Aluminum powder is green? (Score 1) 157

Don't tell the greenies dude, they want to switch us all to hydrogen cars.

However you are incorrect. Pressurized hydrogen is certainly stored, its used as a welding gas and shipped in cylinders all over the place all the time. -Liquid- hydrogen is very difficult to handle compared to propane or gasoline. But compared to refining aluminum its easy. They have a huge tank of liquid hydrogen sitting on the shuttle launch site in Florida, its been there a looooong time.

And hey, when you burn it you get water. What do you get when you burn aluminum? Really abrasive dust.

Comment Re:Aluminum powder is green? (Score 2, Informative) 157

I have an O2 cylinder in my garage that runs 3000psi when full. Welding gas, y'know. Every mechanic's shop has one. Hydrogen is also used as a welding gas, it is commonly stored and shipped in the same truck as the O2 cylinders. Along with propane, acetalene, MAP gas, etc.

Aluminum is -very- expensive to produce compared to liquefied gas. Its refined from bauxite by electrolysis. They put the Al refineries next to hydroelectric dams instead of next to the bauxite mine, that should tell you something eh?

Not saying it couldn't work nicely as a propellant for use on the moon or asteroids, where water ice and recoverable aluminum could be found. Thermite could too. Just saying calling it green is tripe.

Although I have to say, the thought of refining pure aluminum on the moon is PURE science fiction. Electrolysis of molten rock, hard to do in a space suit with a refiner unit hauled up from Earth, right? Electrolysis of the ice for use as a hydrogen/oxygen rocket would be easier, yes? Solar panel, couple plastic bags and a compressor pump.

Comment Re:"Hey, I know!" (Score 2, Interesting) 275

I'm rated troll now. :)

But on topic,
1. yes, samples come from somewhere but they don't escape to anywhere important if you crash on an isolated island. They do if you crash in Kansas. Or drop the sample box on the runway.
3. There's plenty enough people in the mid-west for an escaped bug to spread through. And isn't the point of a secure Level 5 lab to make people -safer-?
4. People will be expected to -live- in Kansas and drive to work. (Thereby radically increasing the chance of spreading bugs, btw.) No one will be expected to live full time on Dr. No's Pacific island. They will do rotations and live someplace where they want to be.
5. No, you didn't.

Isolated island good. Farmer's field in Kansas, bad.

Comment Re:"Hey, I know!" (Score 1, Insightful) 275

Shazam! The governor of Kansas is ...[drum roll]... a DEMOCRAT! And has indeed been lobbying for this. Sadly the two senators for Kansas who have also been lobbying are REPUBLICANS, which gets back to my less government is better government theme. Two parties, both populated by idiots. Awesome!

Snake Pliskin says hi, btw.

Comment Re:"Hey, I know!" (Score 2, Insightful) 275

Actually I suggested that Democrats are the party of more government, which I take from this debacle to be a bad thing. Only government lobbying and wheeling/dealing can create situations this infernally stupid.

If you RTFA you'll discover that the governor of Kansas is indeed a Democrat, but the two Senators pushing the thing are REPUBLICANS, which only goes to show that the answer is not having the "right" party in power. The only solution is to have -less- government, with less money to create dangerous situations like this.

But don't feel too bad. The Canadian super duper bug lab is in Winnipeg. That's a city pretty much in the middle of the country. Government funded assholery is international.

Comment Re:"Hey, I know!" (Score 3, Insightful) 275

Let me count the ways its a bad idea.

1. All samples have to come from "someplace else" to the middle of the continental USA, where everybody lives. Plane crash? Car crash? Train derailment? Stupid screw up (oh that could never happen, right?) Your bug is loose in frickin' Kansas. The middle of the continent. Perfect set up for it to spread.
2. Any agriculture bug you're testing? You're surrounded by... agriculture! Better hope you don't have a test tube break.
3. People live right outside. See #2.
4. How many super duper Level 5 trained people want to move to Cow's Butt, Kansas?
5. Almost forgot, tornadoes.

I'm not even trained in this specialty, I came up with that off the top of my head. The little island off the NY coast is a -good- place. A better place would be an island off the coast of Alaska, or in the middle of the Pacific.

But hey, I'm "flamebait" for suggesting that this kind of stunning stupidity is BUSINESS AS USUAL for the f-ing MUTANTS who run the US government. Fire them all.

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