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Comment Nothing new under the sun... (Score 1) 252

Kevin Mitnick was able to get mugshots of police that were investigating him by buying a police yearbook claiming it was a present for a relative who was a police officer.

"At one point, he went to a police station and found a Los Angeles Police Department yearbook for sale. It included photographs and names of the very undercover squads seeking him. He said he wanted to buy a copy as a gift for his police officer uncle. With no questions asked, for $75 he walked away with a photo guide to his pursuers."


Comment My Gmail DRP (Score 1) 560

It would be bad if I lost my Gmail account but I do have a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) for that. I download everything each month via IMAP to have a local backup and for all registrations instead of just using my Gmail address I use an e-mail address in my own domain which redirects to my Gmail address. It would be bad if I lost my Gmail account but I do have a DRP for that.

Comment Re:RTFL, read the law (Score 1) 433

oops, upon further reading I realize the law is http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichTexte.do?cidTexte=JORFTEXT000023646013&categorieLien=id That does indeed state: "Le mot de passe ainsi que les données permettant de le vérifier ou de le modifier, dans leur dernière version mise à jour"

The password AND data to verify it or change it.

Comment RTFL, read the law (Score 1) 433

I suspect the OP did not verify the exact wording. The law requires retention of (among other things) "mot de passe ou données permettant de le vérifier ou de le modifie" (password *or* data to verify it *or* change it) so it seems that it would be enough to store the password hash and/or do a password reset when demanded by the law enforcement guys.

Could people with better French than me please verify my understanding of what it says:


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