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Comment Insert Donut Shop Joke Here (Score 2, Funny) 150

Wazza matter? They don't know how to use Google maps to pinpoint the closest Dunkin' Donuts and just start looking for cop there like everyone here in NJ does?


Yeah, I know it's a cliche. Actually, our local cops are at the diner, not the donut shop. But diners are a regional thing. Donut shops are pretty much worldwide.

Comment Re:Inquiring Gamers Want to Know (Score 1) 504

Yeah... my folks once travelled 800 miles in a blizzard with the phone off "because it was only in case we needed to reach someone in an emergency". I then asked them, "But what if I was the one with the emergency and needed to reach *you*?".

Phone's been on ever since when they take a roadtrip. All in the perspective, I guess.

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