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Comment Just got caught up (Score 1) 4

There's a comment on your first journal about this event that seems somewhat unnecessary. I'm very glad to hear that you're taking care of yourself, getting help, and not letting yourself be blamed. I hope you both get through this, and that she will be willing to get the help she needs.

Journal Journal: Solar adjectives 10

The adjective form of Jupiter is Jovian. Does Saturn have an adjective form?

Is it safe to use the pattern that arises from the planets I know for the ones I don't? That would be:
  • Mercury - Mercurial
  • Venus - Venusian
  • Terra - Terran
  • Mars - Martian
  • Jupiter - Jovian
  • Saturn - Saturnian?
  • Uranus - Uranian?
  • Neptune - Neptunian?

Journal Journal: Followup to Blood Donation, Africa, HIV, and Group O

Well, after no response for many months, I emailed the Red Cross again. To my surprise and joy, I got a response on the same day! Here are some clarifications I got from them.

First, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is not one of the African countries which are high risk for Group O. The "Congo" they are concerned about is the Republic of the Congo (notice the lack of the "Democratic" prefix). So, suddenly I am able to donate blood.

Comment Re:Had its interesting bits (Score 1) 8

I've done a bit of googling, and while I was probably not exhaustive in the combinations of terms that I tried, I haven't been able to find any studies that show a decline in the overall intellectual curiosity of graduates from US schools. I'm not saying that I know it's not happening, I would just like some help finding said studies before I take a position on whether there's any over-arching intellectual collapse going on right now.

As to the broad spectrum of targets, considering the number of times people have tried to blame evils on "bad rock and roll", "violent video games", and high fructose corn syrup, I only willingly apply blame to targets where strong studies have shown overwhelming correlation and a possible (preferably a strong) causative link between the effect and the supposed effector.

Comment Re:Had its interesting bits (Score 1) 8

Links to books on Amazon don't really clarify your position on the Frankfurt School for me.

I am personally not an adherent to that school of thought, but I do take issue with the idea of it creating generations of human wreckage. I definitely agree with the proposition that post-modernism has created a number of inane philosophies and been a hindrance to some extent to the progress of humanity. However, "critical theory" as put forth by the Frankfurt School seems hardly to be the key construct in the rise of post-modernist philosophies. Secondly, while post-modernist ideologues may have inhibited human progress, I do not see evidence that they have created generations of human wreckage, even if certain university professors believe that "rock and roll" proves that the current generation is soulless.

What is this contemporary devastation? Any specific things you are referring to, backed by any specific numbers from reliable sources?

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