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Journal Journal: Who Am I? 2

So I got this account here on Slashdot and I've been making plently of use of it. But something I haven't done yet is make use of this journal that I have here. It was said in the FAQ on this site that what I write here doesn't really matter to those who run the site. So what I am I going to do? I'm going to make some use of this journal. To record my thoughts, opinions, whatever is going through my mind at a time that I want to record my thoughts. So how should I start? Maybe I'll just write a bit about myself.

For the two of you who bothered to read this, I'm a university student who is studying Computer Science. I'm just about to finish getting my bachelor's degree, and I can't wait until I get it. And as I mention on my personal page, I am a computer geek, and enjoy writing. I've been visiting this site often and will continue to do so, as this site allows me to write about geek-related matters. I suppose I could also mention that I'm male, Caucasian, and Canadian. And where did I come up with my name? I needed a fake name and so I decided to go with the one sometimes used by a character on "King of the Hill."

I spend plenty of time learning more about coding and the issues relevant to us coders. You just can't separate technology from the politics of it. You can't work in a vacuum, although sometimes I'd like to. When things in the world don't seem to make sense, it can be good to actually turn to coding and stuff. When a compiler gives error messages, it does so for a reason. Everything there makes sense. But of course, it's good to get away from the computer once in a while as well.

So anyway, inconclusion, I'd just like to say that Slashdot is exactly what I think I've needed. A combination of technical-related news and useful commentary on it. Is it any wonder why I keep frequenting this site?

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