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Comment Re:phew (Score 1) 112

Since I started roasting my own coffee, I'll never go back to buying coffee roasted by somebody else. The difference is like daylight and dark.

It doesn't take long (about 15 minutes in my case) and you always have the freshest coffee imaginable.

Sweet Maria's is usually my go-to source.

Comment Re:You don't need a CMS (Score 1) 187

Amen, brother! I prefer to get my bills in the mail. Real, honest to goodness paper.

On the outside of the envelope I write the date I received the bill, how much it is, and when it is due. It goes into my mail sorter in the first bin. When I pay it online I write the confirmation number from the bank on the envelope and then put the envelope in the second bin. I keep the envelope until the next bill from that company comes in. That way I can see if the previous bill was actually paid on time or if there were any mistakes on their part or mine. If everything is okay, I shred the old bill, envelope and all. Then the cycle starts over again.

Important items like house payments or car payments are kept until they're paid off. I want a physical record I can use to prove I've made all the payments and that they were made on time. No, I don't trust banks or mortgage companies any further than I can throw them. Do you?

Comment Re:And no one will learn yet again. (Score 1) 276

Transportation is more than just commuting, and here in most of the U.S. the places you need to go are miles apart - grocery, school, shopping center, home supply stores, church, and work. I don't think most of the civilized world really understand how BIG the United States is and how spread out everything is.

Try coming home on a train or bus with a dozen 2x4s and a full sheet of plywood. Oh, and try going to a ballgame on that train or bus - you ain't gonna get near where you need to go.

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