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Comment Re:Wow, that would be redonkulously profitable. (Score 1) 325

It be awful; Will be very difficult for competitors to differentiate from AMD by using their same CPU's. Most likely the all will switch to something else (only real alternative is Intel).
Dell also is known for their little R&D and overall cheap products; witch is also not good if you want bleeding edge AMD preprocessors.

Comment Re:Sure It's Doable, Just Shift Subsidies (Score 1) 603

"most of the increase is due to interest on past debts"
You hit the keyword. Budget expenses are higher because we borrow too much... Gov solution: Borrow more!

What we need to do is cut expending and start buying back some of debt. No way around it.
If we keep borrowing increasing our debt obligations; default will not be a question of IF but When.

Comment Re:Utter utter rubbish (Score 1) 554

You might want read this link:

In short: Do not confuse weather with climate change. weather is a short term event. like this winter. climate is the global trend over a long period of time.

On the good side. scientists are expecting big changes to happen within our life time. So you should see with your own eyes if you were correct or wrong. Hint: Rising seas, famine and large human migrations.

Comment Mix media (Score 1) 498

I have some old CD's (still can be read from 10 years ago). In this CD's i have data that was migrated from my and old 8086 XT . Also have lot of file on Zip drives and keep a USB zip drive around for when i need to use them. From 7 years to now. I been keeping my files on mirrored drives on storage servers (now a applianse that turns disks off if not in use to lower power usage and extend the life of my drives. Should last for a long time as I only use them a few times per week).

It's time to move my data from CD's into the appliance as they are getting close to EOD.

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