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Comment Junk Mail is intrusive (Score 2) 219

Duh... the reason Junk Mail is not valued by the recipient is because it is INTRUSIVE. Intrusiveness cannot be overcome by personalisation. More like enhanced. The more personalized the junk, the creepier the intrusion.

I wonder why that person from IBM predicts such a creepy future?

Why does IBM pay someone to publish creepy stuff like that?

Comment Open Web Standards (Score 0, Flamebait) 644

I thought FireFox was such a positive force for open standards, in the days when IE was a monopoly.

But something happened. FireFox got to 20% market share, and they got a bunch of money (from Google) and fame. Then, Mozilla ceased to become an organization that was dedicated to an open web. It became, instead, an organization that knew better than the open web. It wasn't about implementing standards any more. It was about God's chosen web engineers determining what was best for the web.

The problem with Mozilla refusing to implement open standards that other browsers implement, is the same problem we had back when IE had disproportionate market share.

Chrome and Opera and Webkit don't suffer from this narcissism. They just get on with it and implement open standards.

Hooray for open standards!

Comment Adobe's Revenue Model (Score 1) 129

Adobe earns most of its income selling authoring tools.

Sure, Adobe would rather the internet was Flash and PDF. But if it isn't, which it isn't, Adobe makes money by selling authoring tools. HTML5 authoring tools, as it turns out.

Standards win in the browser. Adobe sells authoring tools. Punters get good content. Win - Win - Win.

Comment Android is not one man's vision. It is more/less. (Score 4, Insightful) 373



  1. Android, unlike iOS, has marketing funded by many different organizations and managers separately, working competitively against other Android manufacturers. They are each trying to differentiate from the other.
  2. And don't forget:

  3. Android devices don't have a standardized dock/interface connector so dock accessories don't exist for Android.
  4. Android devices just show up as dumb disk drives when you plug them into my computer.

Comment Re:Siri and translation (Score 1) 185

Siri doesn't do translations, it's more of an advanced voice recognition tool.

Siri is a user shell. It provides an interface to the operating system. Voice recognition is one part of the technology; a vital part. The other part is the logic Siri uses to process the words it hears as commands. It translates spoken natural language statements into operating system calls.

Comment Hox genes are the basic sequence of embryogenesis (Score 5, Insightful) 138

TFA is saying that organisms are built in slices, from the tip of the head down to the tip of the tail. These slices are activated in order, from first to last. It is the same in fruit flies, worms, whales, dogs, monkeys, deer and humans. The HOX genes control the basic sequence, like a player piano roll or a series of punch cards.

The reason we get so many different organisms, like whales, fruit flies and elephants, is evolution.


Submission + - What happened inside Google Wave (

wombatmobile writes: Dhanji R. Prasanna was the 25th employee of the Google Wave group in Sydney. He tells how 'even the smartest, most motivated and talented people in the world--with a track record of delivering success--are alone not sufficient to overcome complexity that creeps up on you.'

Comment Refactoring (Score 1) 321

Refactoring is fraught because to do it, you have to know what you are refactoring for. To make that judgement requires and engineer to think above his/her pay grade, and predict the future. Now, good engineers can do that, but there's no guarantee that their judgement will be supported by the manager that pays the salary. The disincentives are high.

Comment Step by step (Score 5, Informative) 519

We've just gotten a letter from an attorney representing the Business Software Alliance stating someone (we're certain it's a disgruntled former employee) submitted information we are using illegally copied software.

Reply to the letter like this:

We are in receipt of your correspondence reference ____ dated _____. Could you please advise details of the claim. What software is claimed to be in breach?

Send the reply by registered mail and then do nothing more until you receive a reply.

Engage a lawyer who is experienced with the BSA.

Comment Familiarity (Score 2) 411

a college student from Virginia, says Facebook has become predictable. "It's really gotten to a point where I know pretty much what my friends are going to post. They usually just write the same thing over and over again...

This is the other side of the bar that the Turing Test seeks to hurdle. Many real human beings, it turns out, after a while, become highly predictable.

What would Turing say about this phenomenon?

Comment Re:Anti-trust suit (Score 4, Informative) 165

From previous articles:

Cisco Systems orchestrated the arrest of Multiven founder Peter Alfred-Adekeye last year in order to force a settlement of Multiven's antitrust lawsuit against Cisco.

Multiven, sued Cisco in December 2008, accusing the company of monopolizing the business of servicing and maintaining Cisco enterprise equipment. Cisco forced owners of gear such as routers, switches and firewalls to buy its SMARTnet service contracts in order to get regular software updates and bug fixes, Multiven said. By providing updates and bug fixes only to SMARTnet customers and not to third parties, Cisco prevented independent companies from servicing its equipment, Multiven alleged.

The SMARTnet service is a hot-button issue with some customers, who feel that Cisco should provide basic bug fixes and software updates free of charge as Microsoft or Apple do.

Comment Fracking exempted from Clean Water Act (Score 5, Interesting) 390

As Kevin Grandia wrote last year:

In 2005, at the urging of Vice President Cheney, fracking fluids were exempted from the Clean Water Act after the companies that own the patents on the process raised concerns about disclosing proprietary formulas - if they had to meet the Act's standards they would have to reveal the chemical composition which competitors could then steal. Fair enough, but this also exempts these companies from having to meet the strict regulations that protect the nation's freshwater supply.

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