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Comment Re:Be careful! (Score 1) 667

So let me get this straight... you used a closed account to make a payment, essentially equivalent to paying with the checkbook from an account 6 months closed... though I understand it was an accident, some would go as far to say it's fraud. I'm not one to defend BofA in general, but this one is not 100% their fault.

Comment Re:Global warming has become hopelessly politicize (Score 1) 429

Rand Paul is not a Libertarian... his dad may be, though I'd consider him more of a Constitutionalist. Back when the tea party started, there were a lot of Libertarians attached to the project, mostly those disillusioned with no progress, but most of those who would consider themselves hard core Libertarians have since left it to the religious nuts (while still reserving the right to agree with some of what they are against in economic matters)

Comment Re:I use the metric system (Score 1) 2288

In general, and as much as possible I prefer to cook/bake on weights rather than capacities, a cup of flour is notoriously a bad measurement that depends a lot on the flour, the humidity, compression, etc. It makes a HUGE difference in repeatability, particularly when baking, or with anything that will likely impress: quiches, souffles, sauces, etc.

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