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Comment Excellent! (Score 4, Insightful) 217

The games are fun, they work on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and the charities are good causes.

This is pretty much just win-win for everyone, a great way to not only *get* some nice games on Linux but *support* games on Linux, and to support a bunch of good causes as well. I'm less familiar with these games than the last bundle but I'll check them out and likely donate if I like even one of them.

Comment Fantastic! (Score 4, Interesting) 278

This would be a fantastic idea. Not only would the rules be transparent and non-ambiguous, but the potential for experimentation and self-analysis would be incredible. Python is definitely one of the better languages to use for this, as it tends to be very readable and self-explanatory as far as programming languages go.

Comment Not really affecting the code... (Score 4, Insightful) 207

While I don't think what they're doing is good or smart, I suspect this would really only affect the GPLed clients accessing the Second Life servers run by Linden Labs and not client use on any private servers that are running. And Linden does have the right to manage the data they store on their servers as they see fit.

The beauty of the GPLed client is that users and developers can choose which servers to point their clients at--and pick the ones that have terms they agree wtih.

Submission + - UbuntuWomen International Women's Day Competition (

elkbuntu writes: There's a competition going for Women Ubuntu users to tell the tech community how they discovered Ubuntu. By doing so they can help to raise the visibility of women within the Ubuntu community, celebrate International Women's Day 2010, oh, and win one of 2 cool prize packs.

Comment Re:Misleading summary... (Score 5, Interesting) 39

Frankly, I'd much rather see OpenMicroBlogging being used and promoted rather than the Twitter API. It's used in StatusNet and and allows for seamless subscriptions between various OpenMicroBlogging-enabled sites. It's sort of like the XMPP/Jabber of microblogging.

StatusNet also supports the Twitter API, but I don't know of any clients that let me point to instead of Twitter. I use Gwibber, though which natively supports both of them and more.


Submission + - Qimo, a Linux Desktop for Kids (

mhall119 writes: "QuinnCo, a not for profit dedicated to getting computers into the homes of low income and special needs children, has released the first official version of "Qimo" (pronounced "kim-oh"), the customized Linux operating system that powers child-friendly computers.

Qimo is a new distribution of Linux, derived from the popular Ubuntu distribution, customized for use by children ages 3 and up. Qimo comes pre-installed with free and open source games that are both educational and entertaining, with many more educational titles available for download from Ubuntu. The interface to Qimo has been specifically designed to be easy to navigate by the youngest of users, with over-sized shortcuts to games lining the bottom of the screen."

Comment Reality is closing in around the RIAA... (Score 4, Interesting) 103

As soon as I get a copy of the actual brief [CC] I will upload it and link to it. Another amicus brief opposing the RIAA's attempt to reverse Judge Gertner was filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other First Amendment proponents and is already available online."

Thus marking the first time Slashdot has posted a breaking news story. ;)

The RIAA's actions continue to provide amusement for me. But it's all increasingly irrelevant in my life. Just like when I watch a DVD at someone else's place and I realize there's all kinds of wanings against copying and commercials at the beginning. At home, I just use VLC and immediatelly get the main menus.

The RIAA has to face the court of public opinion eventually. I think the MP3 store and iTunes show what remarkable success DRM-free music can have online. Unfortunately for the RIAA, so do Jamendo and Magnatunes....

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 376

Ah! I believe that Ubuntu's (and so Debian's) update is fantastically better, but mainly in that they cover the entire distro (and any third-party repos that you explicitly enable), whereas Windows's updates only cover the OS.

But since it's "Windows Update", that's fitting enough. The article claimed Windows didn't have an automatic update feature, which I found absurd. Ignoring scope, I also felt that they're extremely similar (although I spent two hours last night trying to play a fullscreen game while fighting 15-minute Windows update reboot reminders--that's a feature I don't miss in Ubuntu).

When I said that Windows' update feature "rivaled" Ubuntu's, I meant that it was similar enough to merit a comparison, not that one was better than the other.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 376

You claimed that my assertion that Windows offers automatic updates was wrong. You talked about what Ubuntu and Debian are capable of, but you did not seem to explain why you felt my assertion is wrong.

I am not challenging you to a game of semantics, I am genuinely interested in your opinion.

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