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Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 1) 402

If you view it as bad people are not going to want to run businesses.

I can't agree with you. People have sole proprietorships today, and they certainly had them 100+ years ago prior to the creation of the modern limited liability corporation.

My view is more nuanced than agreeing or disagreeing with the limited liability model. I can agree that it is a good thing for blind investors - you shouldn't be liable for an Exxon oil spill just because you own some shares in your 401(k). I don't think that it's a good idea for activist owners or employees.

Comment Re:Sounds like my kid (Score 1) 770

Ya know? My base ideology tends toward Libertarian, but living in NYC made me realize a few things. Mainly, gentrification is a generally good thing, but it really presents a hardship for certain classes of people in a city as large as NYC (or London, for that matter). Gentrification in a place like Philadelphia is no big deal, because 5 blocks from the $400,000 rowhomes are "ghetto" rowhomes for 1/4 the price. New York is different. Practically the entire island of Manhattan is pretty much unaffordable to the working poor. Anything within striking distance of Midtown or Wall Street in Brooklyn or Queens is unaffordable to the lower class. They are stuck in places without decent subway service and instead take a number of buses to get to their job in Manhattan - it is no exaggeration to say that it takes over an hour for them to commute, and their job is menial.

I can certainly see now how the people of NYC have decided to try and make living in the city affordable for lower class people. You correctly (and with admirable sarcasm) point out that their efforts are somewhat unsuccessful - but I have to admit that I can understand their intentions. Personally, I think they should probably try a limited version of the Singapore model.

Comment Re:Smart TV? Help me understand... (Score 5, Informative) 128

But why on Earth would I want my media box built into my television, so that following the curve of technological advancement means pitching the entire huge TV into the waste stream?

You don't pitch it - you use the built-in media box until it becomes obsolete, and then you hook up an external box and use it like a dumb TV. At the end of the day, you've spent money on one less media box.

Comment Re:and there are alot of us. Federal or state? (Score 1) 89

LOL, that would be a trick, wouldn't it?

No, I meant that both Connecticut and Texas pay more than they take, but if you are from Connecticut this imbalance is much larger than if you are from Texas. I think it's like $6000 per capita in Connecticut and in the $2000 range for a Texan.

Comment Re:How is it? (Score 1) 211

My boss isn't stupid. She buys me a MATLAB and JMP license, and the design guys get CAD licenses. We are swimming in specialized software that she does not buy for herself. She only uses Excel because someone up the chain went with a site license for MS Office. If they hadn't made that decision, she'd use whatever made the next-best list maker (I believe she used Quatro Pro prior to our site license). We also use the abysmal Sharepoint system as a glorified shared drive, just because it is there.

Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 1) 402

I think I agree with you, but we are kind of talking past one another. Lawsuits like the spilled coffee episode are indeed ludicrous. But it would be just as ludicrous if a local coffee shop owner was sued rather than McDonalds. However, this is a separate issue from what I am talking about. I'm all for ways to reduce frivolous or ridiculous lawsuits in general. However, if you step back from product liability for a moment you can see that there are other types of completely reasonable lawsuits.

For instance, let's say I buy a hunk of land and put a gas station on it. I screw up and leak gas all over the place and it screws up the ground water. You, my neighbor, sue my gas station for screwing up your drinking water. I lose the case, and my gas station has to go bankrupt. Hell, maybe you even "win" my polluted gas station. But my house, my car, and any other assets I have are completely safe, since I took advantage of the government concept of the corporation.

Comment Re:Yet another great argument... (Score 1) 402

If I work for 8 hours and make enough money to purchase a microwave oven, that doesn't make me more rich than someone 100 years ago who could work their entire life and not purchase a microwave oven because they didn't exist.

It certainly gives you a higher standard of living. Perhaps a microwave isn't the best example, but a clothes washer sure is. You get to spend the hour that you would have been scrubbing clothes doing anything else you want. You are 1/24 richer every day that you would have done laundry.

All that matters is if I work 8 hours, I can purchase 8 hours of work from someone else.

Why in the world should I care how much work went into something?

I can purchase a pocket calculator for $5 from a Walmart check-out line, but that doesn't suddenly make me "rich" because a computer that strong 30 years ago was worth millions of dollars.

As an engineer, I have to disagree. When I watch the NASA engineers in newsreels from the 50s yanking away on their slide rules, I realize I never would have gone into this occupation at all. The amount of time that I save myself each year by using Excel or MATLAB versus hand calculations is just staggering.

You claim that "time is money", but you ascribe no value to the extra time you are getting from these conveniences.

Comment Re:How is it? (Score 4, Interesting) 211

I don't think most people say Calc is just as good as Excel - they say that it is good enough for most people. And that is probably true. I think my boss uses excel for simple formulas and for lists. I use Excel for anything not quite worthy of a Matlab script, so OpenOffice doesn't quite measure up for me but should work fine for my boss.

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