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Comment Re:Helena too (Score 4, Informative) 235

All stations share their EAS infrastructure. The largest stations get their data direct; smaller stations get it from larger ones. All stations need to have at least two different data sources set up. It is actually a reasonably well set up topology, and it is tested on a very regular basis.

The FCC also imposes strict fines on anyone who fails a test; the base fine for a violation is $8,000 and is scaled up for repeat or blatant violations.

How the FCC handles fines in this case will be interesting. The EAS system is designed for speed and reliability, not for security; there is message validation built in to prevent unintentional activation, but a correctly-formatted bogus message inserted into the system will propogate as designed.

Comment Re:RHEL 7 isn't even out yet! (Score 5, Interesting) 231

What the heck are they thinking?

Maybe they meant to drop support for Red Hat Linux 6, not Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?

  - Red Hat Linux 6.0 (Hedwig), April 26, 1999 (Linux 2.2.5-15)
  - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago), November 10, 2010 (Linux 2.6.32-71)

Yes, their naming scheme could use some work.....

Comment Re:Insider Trading??? (Score 5, Informative) 183

I am not exactly sure what insider trading is, but since he not only knows the inner workings of Google but controls them, how is this not insider trading?

It *IS* insider trading. Any CEO selling their own stock is insider trading. That is why the SEC requires documentation and a public disclosure of any potential transaction before the sale happens, which is what the linked document is. The SEC cannot prohibit such sales, but they do put them under extremely tight restrictions - such as preventing such sales near the end of a quarter, when financial results are known internally but not yet released.

It is important to note that this does not mean that Eric *is* going to sell 42% of his stake, it means that he is now *allowed* to sell *up to* 42% of the stock. Many such filings end up with a smaller amount sold.

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