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LittleBigPlanet Creations Raising Copyright Questions 66

Joystiq's Law of the Game column uses the recently released LittleBigPlanet to address the question of intellectual property rights for user-created content within and for games. At this point, Sony's ToS claims a great deal of control over users' work, unlike Second Life's, which is much more permissive. GiantBomb has a related story pointing out creations within LittleBigPlanet that are copies of other games, and how they could lead to legal troubles for Sony if they aren't quick about taking them down.

Comment Unix Magic poster (circa early 80s) (Score 1) 366

I learned of this poster from one of my mentors years back. After searching years for it, I found a copy for sale on ebay. Now it sits in my office paying homage to the greatness of *nix.

The drawing is by Gary Overacre and was commisioned by UNITECH (now out of business I believe). A link to the an online version is here ( ).


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