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Comment Re:Safe Batteries (Score 1) 301

Seriously Slashdot, you may be good at math, but you suck at accounting.

And accountants are ruining things. Passing that fraction of a cent on to the passengers is not going to change anything. I'm all for saving weight on planes, but 18 pounds (out of how many hundred thousand?) for safer battery seems obvious if you've looked into the hazards with batteries. This is why artificial sweeteners are all the rage. If it's 100 times sweeter than sugar you can but 10 pounds instead of 1000 pounds - a win even and 10x the price. When you're willing to multiply a tiny percentage savings by large volumes and claim thousands or millions of dollars in savings you should stop and ask yourself - am I that close to going out of business? If so, you've got other problems.

Comment Re:share movement causality questionable (Score 1) 301

That said, I have no doubt Boeing will sort the problems and normal service will be resumed shortly.

You are an optimist. The auto industry has been learning the lessons of high energy-density batteries for a long time now and you still see news about some issues in unusual circumstances. If they can pin these incidents on a single specific flaw that has a fairly simple remedy they could be flying by February. Maybe. IMHO. For example, someone suggested they are charging too fast - that may be fairly simple to fix at the expense of charging time, but it would get them back in the air. If it turns out to be something structural (hard landing causing physical damage to cells) it could be quite a while, though there might be some quick fixes you may not like - put foam rubber under that box! Time will tell both what the issue is and when they fly again.

Comment Re:brain damage? (Score 1) 252

But pituitary damage can cause a cessation of growth. Hormone levels drop and growth stops. Hormone treatment can make them resume - I know someone on this treatment right now. However, they checked all (known) hormone levels and she appears normal, so no explanation. OTOH, the person I know is not responding as quickly to the treatment as doctors predicted. So it seems they don't fully understand these mechanisms. So sure, brain damage of just the right type could plausibly cause this. Granted, my justification is better than the parent post ;-)

Comment Don't rule out the other symptoms (Score 1) 252

If life has taught me anything it's that in most cases there are no coincidences. The coma and such that happened to her around the time she stopped growing are significant. They may not be the cause, but they most almost certainly share a common cause.

I know a kid who is taking hormones to reach full size because the endocrine system was damaged by radiation. There is apparently a time limit on that, you have to reach a certain physical age before a certain chronological age or you get stuck. I'm not sure they even understand why that is so, just that it is so. Also, the treatment while working, isn't going so well - kid may be a little short - and they don't know why. All the levels are right with treatment.

I'm going with 50/50 that there is even a genetic cause to this unique case. And if so, I'd go with under 10 percent chance it's a mutation in coding DNA. But please do continue, if it is DNA the discovery should be well worth the effort.

Comment Re:I'm going to be the asshole programmer (Score 1) 313

"I have an idea for an app" is exactly what riles up programmers. Ideas are a dime a dozen. If you, the "nontechnical person", do your job right, then you'll find a competent and cooperative programmer.

GOOD ideas are NOT a dime a dozen. If they were, every programmer would have a successful business simply by implementing their own good ideas. I've been programming for decades and have a couple ideas I think are really good. One has been described as a "billion dollar idea" by a friend of mine. We don't have the type of experience necessary to bring it to life on our own (without huge learning). We do embedded software and the idea is web/network/mobile. Another neat idea I've got could be put together by a competent Android programmer in a week or two - again, I haven't tried 'droid and when I have looked at Java it made me cringe. This one seems less likely to be a blockbuster, but the risk/reward is still good 'cause it should be relatively easy.

So what do you propose I do? My best bet is probably to bite the bullet and learn Android programming on the simple app. That would then provide some experience for the mobile part of the other. Or should I hire an Android programmer for the simple app? And would they be an asshole because all I'd provide is the "idea" while they write the code for a price?

Comment Re:Somebody didn't get the memo! (Score 1) 170

Yeah, I'm starting to think they're a pump-n-dump stock. They keep talking about the price of rare earths and how they have this mine, and how they just need to clear some government hurdle... It's always right around the corner. Dude, it's their own fucking mine, just ramp production back up and show me the money. They need to stop talking about it and start producing. Been a few years now.

Comment Re: Fizz Buzz (Score 1) 776

I was asked to interview a guy that my boss wanted to hire from another part of the company. I gave him FizzBuzz in the interview. He spent a long time and did not complete it - he did have stuff running and partly working. He's a young guy and was really distraught over the whole thing. I recommended we not hire him "guy can't code" but they did anyway. Turns out he's actually not bad in normal circumstances, and rather good at some other things (which is why they wanted him in the first place). So NO, you should not base a decision on a single programming task. Now had he failed FizzBuzz AND shown no other promising characteristics they would not have hired him.

BTW he sits next to me now and his nick is Fizz...

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 442

Yep, I've heard the stories about standard panel size. But I'd rather have a 30" 720 than a 32" 768. Shit, just give me a mode that puts black around the 720 image on the 768 TV. Nope. The rescaling really does hurt image quality. Notice that ALL 720s are like this now and NONE of the 1080s have an unusual panel resolution.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 442

1080 on a 720 TV requires a scaling of 1.5 to 1 which is relatively easy. Going from 720 to 768 requires a stretch of 16/15 which is NOT easy. Also going from 720 (most broadcast TV in the US) to 1080 is a multiplier of 1.5. So OTA and bluray will look great on a 1080 TV but will require an unusual scaling to reach 768. I used to have an actual 720 DLP TV and it looked quite fantastic compared to the 768 LCD that replaced it, and that's not due to the tech difference. This is why many people see a difference between 1080 and 720 TVs. Try rescaling a nice clear image by 16/15 and see what happens.

Comment The real problem (Score 1) 442

The real problem is that the resolution is exactly double that of 1920x1080. This means scaling up or down will work very well and people won't be able to tell the difference between this and 1080p. You know, because all the 720 TVs are actually 1366x768 which means images have to be smeared to shit, making 1080 TV look so much better (even with OTA 720 shows). And yes, I'm claiming industry-wide effort to make 1080 appear visibly better than 720. Or perhaps the 1080 sets will start to be 1152 to make 4K look better than regular HD even with 1080 content.

Comment Finger prints? (Score 2) 278

With a theme park, at least, you can also choose to avoid the place entirely

Yeah, but when you're already booked and just spent 2 days driving 1200 miles to get there, already checked in and spent one night at a resort, then show up at a theme park where they ask you to stick a finger in a scanner.... That's not really the time to opt-out. Thanks Disney World.

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