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Comment Re:DRM free pc games get heavily pirated (Score 4, Insightful) 447

But how much of those pirated copies are actually a lost sale? Most people that pirate software do not intend to buy the game if they are not able to get a pirated copy. The irony is that most pirated copies actually work better due to the removal of the obtrusive DRM. For a lot of legally bought games that required the CD/DVD in the drive I installed a no cd crack so i would not have to juggle the discs ll the time. You hear a lot of issues with DRM failing on some system configurations which makes the game unplayable for people that legally bought it. DRM hurts sales instead of improving them.

I sometimes play some of the oldies I have for years. This will not be possible with the current games. If the publisher no longer want to support it it will no longer be playable.

Comment Re:Self-defeating security... (Score 1) 197

The same counts for me. It is sometimes very hard to read what the captchas supposed to be.

On one site I actually did some image processing to make the captcha readable. It was more readable for me, but not yet readable enough for a computer. If I processed it more it might be.

If I can do that with my limited knowledge of image processing, someone experienced can do this very easy and automated.

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