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Comment Re:uses? (Score 1) 97

I am definitely going to try Crossover tomorrow on my Linux Laptop. For the life of me I have not been able to connect my Slingbox to the Windows client under Wine. I have found some people who got it to work and have tried their instructions to no avail. Have also seen many people with the same issues as me that never did figure it out. If I can get it going with Crossover I will happily pay the $60.

Comment Re:Two words (Score 1) 349

I can say the same about Skydrive. I have Office 2010 home edition for the Windows laptop and use skydrive as well. The in browser version of office doesn't give everything that the desktop client gives but is a pretty worthy option in a pinch. Is plenty for most users. Also comes with 25GB of space (although 7 GB or something now). Just personal preference for me as Google docs just feels klunky to me. Again personal preference only. I have Libre Office on my Linux laptop and it seems ok too.

Comment Maple Syrup is awesome (Score 1) 399

When I was kid we used to go to my uncle's "cabane a sucre" (translates as sugar shack) on the outskirts of Sherbrooke to make the stuff. You need 40 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of syrup. Reduce it slowly, the longer you reduce it the darker it gets. I prefer a medium to dark but most of the places sell light. Makes sense as it takes less time. Pouring hot maple syrup over cold snow and eating it right away after it solidifies is one of lifes good things. Also bringing it to a boil and stirring it constantly turns it to sugar. That makes my mouth water.

Comment You need a Performance Agreement (Score 1) 1127

Just as you line out your work objectives for the year/quarter whatever you should also have a line on expectations in regards to values and ethics. Make your staff accountable for their behaviour with clear consequences for acting against those values and ethics. Does not need to be complicated, it's life skills stuff.

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