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Google Fiber To Come To Provo, Utah 92

An anonymous reader writes "Google announced today that they intend on purchasing the existing iProvo fiber network to make Provo the third U.S. city to have Google Fiber. If approved by the city council, implementation would begin later in 2013. 'As a part of the acquisition, we would commit to upgrade the network to gigabit technology and finish network construction so that every home along the existing iProvo network would have the opportunity to connect to Google Fiber.'" Also at SlashCloud

Comment Re:Sentence doesn't make sense! (Score 1) 155

From Play Store, you can go to "My Orders and Settings", then go to the Settings tab, and you can just uncheck the devices you no longer own. Then those devices will no longer appear anywhere else in the Play Store. Or do you mean you don't even want those devices to appear in the Settings tab? Of course, there's no way to do that now, but I don't see why having the old devices listed would be a problem for you. It's just a list.

Comment Re:Useless hindsight (Score 1) 387

So you're saying is that evolution is a totally useless theory. Oh. that's not what you're saying? So tell me, how does knowing the theory of evolution change any of your decisions today, tomorrow or any time in the future? In my book, if it does not make a prediction that can be proven, then it's useless.

Comment Useless hindsight (Score 1) 387

We often get stories like this where some scientists make some observation and declare that that was due to evolution. If evolution is such a great theory, how about someone come up with a prediction for once, as in something like, "Due to these conditions, this so-and-so life form will eventually evolve to have such-and-such appurtenances with such-and-such characteristics". Anybody up for the challenge?

Comment Re:Just to be quite clear (Score 1) 339

I'm a Muslim, but I've never planned to bomb a plane. Am I doing something wrong?

That depends how you define wrong. If you mean as a decent human being then no. If you mean by not following your scriptures as interpreted by many Imams and practiced by tousands then yes.

Just to be quite clear I am not saying that you should plan to bomb a plane. I am saying that Islam is a (literally) abysmal religion that calls good evil, and wrong right.

Your words; "practiced by tousands" (sic). So you believe thousands of Muslims who commit violence represent true Islamic teachings, while the billions who don't are not. I wonder where you learn your logic.

The Military

New Medal Designed To Honor Cyber Soldiers 230

bios10h writes "The Boston Globe writes that the Pentagon is creating a new medal to honor cyber soldiers. '[The] troops who launch the drone strikes and direct the cyber-attacks that can kill or disable an enemy may never set foot in the combat zone. Now their battlefield contributions may be recognized with the first new combat-related medal to be created in decades. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced Wednesday that the Pentagon is creating a medal that can be awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations, but do it well away from any combat zone.'"

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