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Journal Journal: Tired of the same old insults?

PJK - Paul Keating former prime minister of Australia quite gifted with words, is a master of insults. So anyway even though PJK is still with this, someone has ripped his style into iOS app so you can call the gum on your shoe better for your gait than a senator.
Shut up and give me your money the PJK Insults generator is AVAILABLE! https://itunes.apple.com/app/paul-keating-insult-generator/id585515


Submission + - 'Yellow' journos, power users behind GNOME criticism: claim (itwire.com)

An anonymous reader writes: One of the co-founders of the GNOME Desktop Project has reacted to the numerous criticisms that GNOME 3, the latest iteration of the desktop environment, has received, by putting it all down to the power users and journalists.

Submission + - NRC Report Links Climate Change to National Security (nytimes.com)

WOOFYGOOFY writes: The NY Times and Voice Of America amongst others are reporting on a study by the U.S. National Research Council which was released Friday linking global climate change to national security.


http://chronicle.com/article/US-Urged-to-Step-Up-Research /135724/

The report which was developed at the request of the C.I.A. characterizes the threats posed by climate change
as "similar to and in many cases greater than those posed by terrorist attacks."


If the effect of unaddressed climate change is the functional equivalent of terrorist attacks on the nation, does the Executive Branch, as a matter of national security, have a duty and a right to begin to act unilaterally against climate change irrespective of what Congress currently believes?

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: A Monopoly on Monopoly 1

Apparently being a patent asshole isn't a new thing at all, nor twisting an innovative product to mercantile uses.


Comment Re:Killing anonymity (Score 3, Informative) 88

From August in Qld http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/go-card-travel-records-point-finger-at-murder-accused-20120816-24b3v.html
"A Supreme Court jury heard that Ashley Michael McGoldrick's Go Card history showed ..."
and from 2010
"The revelation came after brisbanetimes.com.au exclusively revealed that police are using Go Card technology to not only pinpoint the movements of criminal suspects but also potential witnesses.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 2

Norman Spinrad on what he thinks of Romney
Hey, with the right enemies, we can jack the annual military budget up to $700 billion! $800 billion! And that’s without even a war to burn up machines and ammo that will need replacing!

Not another pissant series of low-tech counterinsurgency actions of course.

A capital-intensive war to justify a bigger and better capital-intensive military budget.

That would sure be a lot of money to follow, now wouldn’t?

And this sort of thinking, aside from anything else, should be more than enough to disqualify anyone following this kind of money from serving as President of the United States, now shouldn’t it?

User Journal

Journal Journal: David Brin How Democrats and Republicans Wage War 2

"Offered one day preceding the final Presidential debate, on foreign policy, in order to give you all some badly-needed perspective on the most important foreign policy matter of all... when and how to fight.

Last year finally saw the end of America's second-longest war. Dragging on a decade, that was the multi-trillion dollar quagmire of attrition and so-called "nation-building" in Iraq.

Submission + - 50 years of James Bond (brisbanetimes.com.au)

tqft writes: "50 classic James Bond scenes
Do we have a count of the number of times Q gear saved Bond, James Bond ?
As I recall no computer was ever inappropriately used in a Bond movie, normally they were just shot or blown up as we are all tempted to do."

Comment Re:Sometimes I wish for unemployment (Score 1) 8

Yeah that age thing sucks I know.

Haven't even bothered to sign up for unemployment benefits yet as the rigmarole isn't worth it for what I would get.

Time better spent looking for a job.

Comment Re:Sometimes I wish for unemployment (Score 1) 8

You can do all the vacation type things that don't involve much money.

Today I went out and bought wedding anniversary presents and almost felt guilty about buying coffee while I was out. But coffee when I am out 3 times a week is my main source of calcium so over that.

Can't really go away when you are looking for a job.

Can't turn off the phone if you are waiting to be called back.

Check emails.

Get rejected a lot applying for jobs. Then some more. Wade through the ignorance and stupidity of recruiters if you can get them on the phone or return an email (some are good, diplomatically others are useless).

Check email, make calls. Field stupid questions from every man and his dog and your wife. Listen to "chin up" and "keep trying" from everyone ("it's all you can do").

If the state government wasn't in the process of sacking 10,000+ people (plus allowing contracts to expire and ending contractor/consultant engagement) I might be more confident of taking some time off.

I saw something like this coming and am sort of prepared financially and can hold out for a while dollar wise (but that also means my skills and knowledge are seen to atrophy). I may just go completely bonkers though. Some days I think I do.

If I was in Europe and had a job, I would be holding on for dear life.

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