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Comment Re:Or maybe... (Score 1) 149

And any email system is a PITA to run. And if your spam filtering is not as good as Gmail's, you will hear about it. I'm surprised web host ISP's have not outsourced this stuff off their servers - except the 3rd party email companies cost as much as web hosting itself. That tells you it is expensive to run an email service.

Comment Re:Thanks Obama... (Score 1) 199

NPR ran without follow-up a rail industry spokesperson saying "99.9997% of all rail trips occur without serious incident." Without giant fireballs in the sky? Yes, we knew that already!

The workers on the train managed to unhook some of the cars that had not yet caught fire. No free speech for them though, so we get the shill.


Researcher Allows Sand Flea To Grow Inside Her Foot To Study It 63

sciencehabit writes "Marlene Thielecke came to Madagascar to study the sand flea, an insect that spends part of its life cycle burrowed into the human foot — but she wound up getting more intimate with the critter than she cared for. Months into her project, Thieleckewas bitten by a flea herself. She decided to make the best of it, by taking regular photographs and videos and keeping track of her observations. 'I thought it might be interesting' to watch what happened, she says. As it turns out, her experience may help resolve an question entomologists have debated foor decades: Where, exactly, does the sand flea have sex?"

Comment Re:They didn't know he also... (Score 1) 403

Actually, Geocities sites are better archived than most dead content, due to the uproar. There are at least four projects, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeoCities#Archiving_GeoCities_Web_sites They are incomplete, since they rely on incoming links, but massive. And if you've used the Wayback Machine, which is one of the stores, you know archived pages in general are not always functional past the first link.

On Wikipedia it became controversial whether to allow Geocities archive mirrors as links and references, since... there is money at stake! Presumably for advertising, one of the archives ran a bot to mass edit change "Geocities.com" to its own domain.

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