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Comment No second chances (Score 1) 215

There's just no second chances in this industry. I can't speak from experience because playing FFXI was enough to leave me with absolutely no interest in any follow-ups, but if it's really that bad then they are finished. People will say, 'Oh, but WoW was buggy at first', and that may be true, but I played WoW on release (the reason I canceled my FFXI sub) and it was a very entertaining game regardless.

Comment Re:3-D (Score 3, Insightful) 261

Well, I'm pretty blind and I love the new 3D (as seen in Avatar at least; there's some lesser quality 3D going around in other flicks). The plastic 3D glasses conveniently fit over my large and very nerdy glasses. I understand some people have other issues, but I'll bet its a very small minority.

Comment drudge (Score 1) 107

That's probably why I've used for about the last decade as one of my first sources of daily news. This is despite thinking he and brietbart are a bunch of dirt bags. The site almost always something interesting to read between the slant.

Comment Re:So depressing (Score 1) 127

Right on. For the GPP to make such a condemnation of the guy so completely out of context is total bullshit. For all we can know those kids will be better off having such a good first-hand demonstration of that kind of dedication and aspiration. Even if it's just a video. They could apply the lessons to whatever ends up peeking their interest.

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