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Comment Re:What can we do about this? (Score 1) 292

So instead of paying to be legal, you tell us to pay to use a service (newsgroups/vpn/seedbox) that can still allow you to be flagged criminal? I though the main goal of piracy was not to pay at all

Another reason is so that you can have DRM-free content that you won't be expected to keep paying for in perpetuity, or be forced to sit through ads beforehand/during to be allowed to watch.

Comment Re:clear and present danger (Score 1) 800

Regarding these drone strikes (and indefinite detention, for that matter) I've been silent because I don't understand the controversy

You don't see a problem with killing innocents in double-tap operations and dodgy definitions of enemy combatants as "anyone who gets killed by our drones", nor holding people indefinitely without charge? I don't think there's anything more to say, really. Just, fuck you if you really believe that.

Comment Re:Oh, the surprise. (Score 1) 800

The War on Terror is deliberately blurry to the point that any organization suspected of subversion can be considered an enemy. Even if they aren't citizens, does that make it just? You live in a fantasy world where the U.S. government can do no wrong.

That's what you get in a country where all the kids are brought up to be "proud to be American", even if they abhor what their government (supported by a significant number of the general population) is doing.

Comment Re:Roll your own. (Score 3, Funny) 141

Amen to nested discussions. I guess having a single flat thread for everything is easier for beginners... you just click on the thread and the posts are all meant to be "to do with the title" rather than perhaps some tangent the thread has gone off on. That said, threads do and will go off on tangents, so nested-threading is a great way to acknowledge that.

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