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Comment Re:It's a great service (Score 4, Interesting) 64

I'm gonna repeat my usual spiel here: use Bitbucket. Github's only real benefit is its network graph - I'd like to see Bitbucket implement that. But I jumped ship to Bitbucket a while back so I could get attachments on my issue tracker and never looked back. Free private repos too. And for a "social coding" site, Github doesn't have very much social stuff going on. There's no forum - just some lame web form for feedback that Github never seems to respond to.

Oh and I remember seeing a talk from one of the main Github developers some time ago and he kept saying "fuck" all the time like Beavis & Butthead. Not impressive.

Comment Re:Centos is awesome! (Score 2) 96

On the other hand, loads of free software is a PITA to get running on a Redhat-based distro and most tutorials tend to have Debian install instructions but not Redhat ones. I'm pretty glad I switched to Debian.

Comment Re:This is a must ... (Score 3, Insightful) 399

Heh... if they're dictating tab width, they're doing it wrong. If you must have a certain tab width, you should be using spaces for everything or you lose the whole benefit of tabs - letting people choose their preferred indentation size.

Use tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment. That way you'll never go wrong. Looks like this was one of the less "beautiful" things about the Doom 3 code.

Comment Re:His Comment (Score 4, Interesting) 399

Yet the fourth plateau is the realization that if one vendor becomes extremely powerful, it tends to create huge barriers of entry for others and so your choice is reduced, sometimes drastically, and therefore it can be a good idea to just arbitrarily support competition even if what everyone uses is good enough right now.

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