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Comment Re:As always... Wikipedia provides some sanity (Score 1) 568

Please don't start about history and rev changes, etc. The point of a reference is to point directly to the source, telling your reader to access something and then dig through rev history is at best annoying and at worst unreliable and potentially a dead end.

So point directly to the rev change of the revision you're citing. For example, at the time of writing, my latest revision for the Hamachi WP article is:

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 272

I think it's more likely we'll see tort reform, which will probably make it so that only the most wealthy individuals and corporations can risk a lawsuit. Small companies like i4i will then no longer have options.

This does not bode well for my fledgling new company which is planning to sue Microsoft and Adobe on a number of patented features; tooth4tooth.

Comment Re:How do people pay eachother? (Score 1) 796

A number of people are taking banks to court over bank charges, claiming they're unfair. If they ultimately get their way (a recent court defeat isn't the end of the matter), the banks aren't going to accept the loss of their biggest cash cow overnight. They'll come up with something else.

Yeah, this is what I find rather depressing about this situation. The people doing this are stupid. They're gonna wind up ending free banking in the UK (for people smart enough not to go into unauthorized overdrawal), which sucks even more than the current situation.

Comment Re:How do people pay eachother? (Score 1) 796

What I'd like to see would involve a fundamental overhaul of things.

Banks shouldn't issue you with a card - they should issue you with a fob. This fob would contain an RFID chip and you could top it up to make small transactions, which would be made by putting the fob near a reader and entering your accompanying PIN. In addition, the fob could display a new number every 30 seconds or so, allowing good security for online banking. This would replace cheques for all businesses, even small ones, who could shell out for a machine allowing you to use your fob to pay them (if they're too cheap to do that, they shouldn't be in business). As for paying individuals (and in addition, another way to pay small businesses) - electronic funds transfer, and you could hand them a printout of the confirmation of the transfer. Cash also remains an option.

I'm sure we could replace the cheque with more secure, modern methods, if we actually tried hard enough.


Submission + - Home automation comes one step closer (

jez9999 writes: When Bill Gates unveiled his $100m networked mansion in the mid-90s, it barely seemed believable that mere plebs of more moderate financial standing might too one day use computers to adjust the ambient temperature of their living rooms and queue Chris Rea on the Jacuzzi stereo when they were driving home from the golf course. We still can't. But we are getting very close, thanks to technology from a company called Intamac, says one Inquirer article.

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