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Comment Re:WARNING - DAILY FAIL (Score 0, Troll) 260

It's posts like yours that make me wish Slashdot didn't ban modding in the same story as you post in. You're an idiot that always copy/pastes this trash and gets modded up by your zealot supporters, and the Daily Mail is a decent publication that at least occasionally publishes a decent story. This is one of them.

Comment Re:Epic is not evil (Score 1) 94

The event cited (C&D over a gift doll) was actually done in error and was not sent by Epic themselves but rather their trigger-happy crack legal team. Mark Rein (PR dude) later explained the incident [] as an accident and publicly apologized for it.

Yup. I didn't rape her, your Honour, but rather my trigger-happy penis. I later explained the incident as an accident and publicly apologized for it.

Comment Re:Well, No Shit (Score -1, Offtopic) 769

If only the BSDs didn't have a licence that makes you feel like every line of code you contribute to it requires your bending over to Microsoft et al., and saying "here ya go, feel free to take it, compile it, and take all the credit (and money!)", I'd use them instead.

Comment Re:My son tested + for it...I assume we have had i (Score 1) 423

If this is a funny joke, I don't get it. 'Organic food' is a term widely used, at least in the UK, to describe food that's been grown in a way that avoids using things like herbicides and genetic modification, as some people believe them to cause the food grown to be detrimentally polluted.

Comment Re:0.47 (Score 2, Insightful) 225

What's wrong with that?

The problem is that the version number is something that has semantic relevance to most users, and the vast majority of programs don't think of version 1.0 as 'perfection', they think of it as (usually) the first reasonably feature-full, stable, release. Giving a program a version of 1 makes it sound like a beta or worse, which gives at least some users the impression that it may not be stable or acceptably solid.

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