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Comment Re:The E-series has been craptastic all along (Score 1) 314

Don't forget about the nVidia graphics chip problems the D620s and D630s are having. We've been getting into those pretty heavily for the last year or so; it seems the chip lasts for about 2 years before dying. It's certainly heat related though, the fan cooled portion of the heatsink is covered with crap on a significant percentage of the failed systems, and given the way they're assembled there is no good way for the user to clean it out.

Comment Re:Why do I feel lost here? (Score 1) 268

I jailbroke my iPhone before the App Store started up. Then I un-jailbroke it. I just didn't see the need, even though it is really easy.

I tried jailbreaking mine with a laptop in the parking lot before leaving the store. Hung it halfway through, got home (120 miles/2hrs later), then finished jailbreaking on my desktop. At the time I didn't feel it necessary, just wanted to check it out. Now that I use SBSettings, I find it nearly invaluable.

...but people can pirate apps from the App Store?! I thought Apple had it pretty much locked up.

No, they sure don't have it locked up. I wanted to try out the Slingplayer app with my 1st gen Slingbox, but didn't feel like paying $30 for the privilege. A few google searches, a download over Bittorrent, and I had an unlocked to install on my iPhone. Works a treat, though without 3G in my town, I don't feel it's worth paying $30 for. (Though technically it's not supposed to work over 3G, there's a JB app for that :)

Comment Re:Jailbreak (Score 1) 94

This last update wasn't an issue, considering you can update then re-patch using the same software as teh previous version used, using a copy of the previous firmware to pull relevant files. I'm new to the iPhone scene, so have yet to see how bad the update/jailbreak process really feels.

Comment Re:I used to intake around 500 mg/day (Score 2, Informative) 700

Another point that irritates me: you said you took "aspirin"; I doubt it.

What makes you doubt the fact he took aspirin, and go into a rant about the different OTC pain medications available? If I tell someone I took aspirin, then I mean that I took Bayer aspirin, or a cheaper generic. When I'm experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms on the weekends, I take an aspirin/acetaminophen/caffeine pill (Excedrin Extra Strength), and I'll tell folks I took an Excedrin if it comes up in conversation. I know damn well that it has caffeine, which in combination with the pain meds, will do wonders for the symptoms.

If I'm trying to quit caffeine cold turkey, I'm going to be taking aspirin and acetaminophen, I'll tell folks I took Tylenol and aspirin, and that'll be the truth. Just because some idiots call a fork a spoon, doesn't mean "spoon" no longer actually means "spoon".

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Finally Releases DRM Free Music on iTunes

MindspanConsultants writes: "After waiting to the last minute (Apple had announced it would be releasing DRM free music on iTunes in May), Apple finally pulled the trigger on making the DRM free EMI catalogue available on iTunes — excluding Beatles songs. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must download iTunes Plus.

Songs will be $1.29 for 256kbps versions, while 128kbps versions will still be available for $0.99."

Submission + - Apple Launches iTunes Plus (DRM-Free/256kbps)

BlueDjinn writes: "I'm surprised this hasn't shown up here yet — with just one day to go in May to make good on their pledge, Apple released the previously-announced DRM-free, 256kbps EMI songs under the "iTunes Plus" name this morning. As promised, the DRM-free songs are double the bitrate, cost 30 more apiece (except for albums, which are the same price as the DRM versions), and so on. You can upgrade your existing library for the 30-per-song difference, plus some other nice touches. Interestingly, it's set up so that you can ONLY view either the DRM or no-DRM versions of a particular song at any given time, not both simultaneously (you can switch the entire store back and forth, however)."

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