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Comment Re:When this happens... (Score 1) 497

It should just be any character. I don't care what the character is, accept anything, punctuation, spaces, kanji, hiroglyphs, political incorrect characters, characters that give offense to religious groups, the drawing some 3 year old made... ANYTHING.

You then just hash those characters... all of them... and store that number.

I hope I made it clear to the developer.

Comment Re:It is somewhat ironic... (Score 1) 396

.... OR... perhaps it is because there are no copyright/patent/trademark minefields in those countries that makes it so cheap and easy to produce high tech products there?

Perhaps it is time to realize that legal battles are not for free and that if you have enough of them their costs will be reflected in the cost of doing business. They're a drag on your economy that produces nothing by itself.

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