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Comment Sayeth the DPS Officer in the movie.... (Score 1) 938

Driving is a privelege, not a right.
That's just parroting every bad "Death on the Highway" film clip many of us had to endure in drivers education as kids. Anyone who has served in the military, and placed their life on the line will tell someone spouting that rhetoric to kiss their ass. It is neither one...and the states have brainwashed the "good people" within to mimic these silly words.

Comment Empirical data is pretty strong.... (Score 1) 938

I drove a truck across the United States for 3 years. I would guess that 70 percent of the cars holding traffic up, or driving at 50 MPH in a 65 MPH zone were talking on the phone. I had a birds eye view so it wasn't hard to pick them out. Trouble is, most of them had no idea they were driving too slowly and presenting a hazard to those around them. So citation? No...just an observation from someone who has missed complete exits because they were talking on the phone. Now texting while driving? That's just stupid.

Comment 1999 is calling.... (Score 1) 980

requiring 20 manual edits to conf files and 3 commands with 15 switches, all just to install something is not exactly what I'd call "good user interface design" either. Your portal to 2011 will open in 12 minutes, please remove any head gear, make sure all shirt tails are tucked in and you have no foreign objects protruding from your pockets.

Comment No trust = no "goodness". (Score 2) 396

When Shuttleworth decides that he wants the Ubuntu brand to be nothing but Unity, he'll do what he has to in order to make that happen. All the baby buntus exist at his pleasure...just like Ubuntu does. If you don't think he would cut off official support for the other buntu's, remember back a year ago. When he changed the navbar controls to the left, he said it was to make room for important features in upcoming releases. When he kicked Gnome to the curb and forced Unity on the community he said it was because fuck you. If you think these are wild assertions, travel back in time 356 days and publicly announce your prophesy for Ubuntu and Unity. The outrage and shouts of "heretic" and "Charlatan" will drown you out completely. Yet here we are.

Comment Re:That seems like a poor choice... (Score 1) 151

I spent almost 9 years stationed in Germany over my career span and one of the "perks" of getting ready for an IG inspection was a local bottled drug called X112. It was almost pure caffeine and you had to break it down in orange juice or another strong citrus before consuming was horribly bitter. But, holy crap was it powerful. Many have compared the effect to that of high grade meth. Personally, I have nothing to compare it to but I know that one cap full manically fueled a soldier for 12 hours, nonstop.

Comment Re:Stick with a Macbook (Score 1) 708

Since you're coming from a Linux system No he's not... "I'm an OS X user looking to switch to a Linux laptop." Glad a Mac works out for you. Obviously it didn't for him. And as far as wifi and video drivers go, I haven't had a single problem with any of the 6 laptops I'm running linux on. Some people just can't stand someone leaving their platform...sheesh.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can you name this app? (

helios17 writes: "Recently, an Austin Texas non profit took on the task of seeking software developers to aid in an application to help autistic kids learn to use a mouse. The HeliOS Project works with all financially disadvantaged kids but recently they have noted that some autistic kids cannot grasp the concept of the mouse. They have begun the development cycle with coders, academics and testers volunteering for the project but the one thing they cannot do is come up with a name for the app. That's why they come to the community at large to give them a hand"

Comment I'm not OK with this... (Score 1) 514

Just as well, judging by the latest HP laptop I've seen, they weren't very good at it. I won't argue your point because you are right. However, HP makes one of the finest laser printers on the market. HP was one of the first hardware companies that worked with Linux OOTB. The firmware was there with it as well. Good to note that Samsung and a couple other printer manufacturers have followed suit, but I'll miss my little 75.00 B&W laser printers that last for years and years.

Comment Smart move... (Score 1) 243

The second amendment only had relevance when The People had access to the same weaponry the government had. Sure The People could rise up with their hand weapons and rifles... Only to be put down by hellfire missiles and State of the Art armored vehicles. can count me out too.

Comment With those people in mind... (Score 1) 937

to keep environmentalists' brains from exploding
Today I will let my diesel truck idle for 6 hours, Drop several CFL bulbs and put the refuse in the regular trash, turn my thermostat down to 68 degrees, print obscene amounts of data on my colorjet printer then throw it away and smoke in close proximity to a clean air rally...while i sit idling in my diesel truck.
Of course, I will do all of this wearing my "keep the earth green" t-shirt.
It's the least I can do.

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