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Comment Re:GPU drivers (Score 1) 89

Yup, any patent that has a software step should be required to disclose the source code at least as the best mode of the patent, if not part of the claims (depending on how strict you should be. When I'm elected Leader of the world, this will be like the 11th or 12th thing I'll do in office.

Comment Re:It shouldn't be about who's first (Score 1) 368

There are mechanical reasons for the 2 party dominant system in the US and other countries as well. If you take a theoretical system that has 3 preference groups, proportioned at say 30%, 30% and 40% of the population. Call them Left, Center and Right. In a system like the US where the first party to get a majority of votes wins, Right will win an election with 40% of the votes. Assuming that their goals aren't diametrically opposed, it only makes sense for Left and Center to team up in the next election, which they would win with 60%. For a real life example, see Ralph Nader & Al Gore in 2000, or Perot & HW Bush in 1992. One side's preferences were split between two candidates and that let the other side win.

Comment A good idea (Score 2) 98

Yeah, its like they could get people to write down their life lessons and experiences, and then bind those pages together and loan out the bound pages. We could call them bopages or something catchy and hook the kids.

Comment Re:So uhh (Score 3, Interesting) 219

Because there's a good chance that just paying the 5 bucks was cheaper. Wikipedia says that between 5 and 6 million Apple II's were sold. Assuming 5.5 million were sold and that all of them are affected by this patent, that's 27.5 million over 16 years as opposed to a patent lawsuit up front and missing out on the first few years of sales.

Comment Re:Upgrade (Score 1) 287

One could make the argument that your license to the game (made under its publisher's copyright) does not include format shifting from the Wii disks to the emulator's HD. In the US at least, I don't think that particular argument has ever been made in Court. Not that I'd agree with it, but it still could be made.

Comment Re:goatse g oatse go atse goa tse goat se goats e (Score 1) 329

For the most part the hardware is decent (its underpowered, but the keyboards are pretty good). They're cheap; you can get the flagship blackberry for $99. RIM's actually done a decent job of shoehorning in more "consumer" features like media apps and the like (considering what they were beginning with). Also they're cheap. Prior to the iPhone, Blackberry was the image of smartphones for a lot of people too.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 365

For every person stupid enough to seek support for a product they don't own, there are another 5 or 6 who aren't that dumb (and will forever remember your company as the one who makes buggy software)

I can understand this if your anti-piracy measures are affecting legitimate users, but if the users complaining were pirates, do you really want them as customers in the first place? They weren't paying for the software, so why do you care if they're happy?

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