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Comment Re:I use Vim and an ASCII text file (Score 1) 428

That's for a personal (or small-team) task list: a simple text file under revision control.
One line per task, indented subtasks, interspresed notes.
Moving a file to the 'DONE' log section comes down to: dd'dp[CTRL-O]
    (can be a 1-key custom shortcut).

Of course, this won't be suitable for a larger team ;)

Comment Manager is wasting his time by singling-out music (Score 1) 1019

I believe that musing is distracting; some studies have shown that performance/productivity are affected by listening to music, just as other forms of multitasking. However, so is office chatter, phone or paging system calls, email alerts, chat alerts, requests from other colleagues, and other interruptions. A symptom to watch for is programmers saying that they prefer to come in early or staying in late in order to be more productive - you must then consider making alterations to the office/work environment. But this is to be done by working *with* the team and look for ideas/improvement options that are accessible to the business.

But the manager is wasting his time when he focuses on music listening habits - music might be better (for one) than ambient noises.

Comment This has long been the case in Switzerland (Score 4, Informative) 242

An internet-connected multimedia computer (pretty much anything nowadays) counts as a TV+radio set.
Which means that even if you do not have any other apparatus (no TV...), you have to pay quarterly fee of CHF 115.50 - about 300 Euros per year.

And yes, this is to sponsor contents and broadcasts from the Swiss television and radio stations.

Allows us to have less advertisement time than in the USA, and to have some "quality programs" that are not always maket-/audience-driven.

Not always a bad thing... like all taxes ... although one might disagree with how the money is used.

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