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Comment Re:Apt-get? (Score 1) 360

If I'm going to INSTALL a new OS on a computer, don't assume I'm a noob.

If you're going to install Ubuntu on your computer then you should expect it to assume you're a noob, since Ubuntu is designed for noobs. If you want more hardcore tools that give you more control at the expense of user-friendliness then you're welcome to use any other Linux distribution ever made.

Personally, I applaud Ubuntu for taking the risks of casting off the old ugly-but-works tools and moving forward with new user-friendly solutions. Sure, there's going to be some growing pains due to the fact that the new tools aren't as mature as the old, but if we ever want desktop Linux to stop being a tiny niche with minimal support we're going to need at least one distribution that's actually attractive to non-geeks (especially since the newer versions of Windows have fixed many of the stability/security problems that drove a lot of us to Linux in the first place.)

Seriously, if you find that the changes to Ubuntu are turning it into a system that's not to your liking and want to use something else, then fine. Just don't go acting like this is some kind of huge betrayal on Canonical's part for simply continuing to do what they'd set out to do in the first place (produce a good-looking, newbie-friendly OS.)

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 332

It's a physical form of DRM. which is funny, because nobody is copying the discs to other discs.. they are simply playing from a hard drive.

Yes, this DRM scheme won't prevent pirates from downloading torrents off the Internet and playing them on their own consoles, but it will prevent them from downloading them off the Internet, burning them to discs and then selling them at reduced prices (as often happens with DVDs.)

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