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Comment It's None of Those Things (Score 3, Insightful) 553

It's because Bjarne Stroustrup spent 23 years at Bell Labs, and ran the Large-Scale Programming Research Department there.

Bell Labs was the birth-place of Unix, and was always Unix central. Anyone even cursorily familiar with these facts would be a bit surprised to see someone who was so close to such a Unix stronghold for so long running a non-POSIX compatible system for day-to-day use.

Comment Re:Very affordable (Score 1) 269

Oh, yes, it's very affordable. $600+ a month can easily buy you a decent apartment pretty much anywhere else

Haha what? $600 a month wouldn't rent you the worst hovel in this city. That's a pretty affordable deal in most cities, let alone Tokyo.

Comment They Don't Have Critical Mass Yet... (Score 2, Insightful) 111

In order to cut traditional publishers out of the loop, they need to have a critical mass of Kindle users.

What do you think is going to happen when Amazon announces that they'd be happy to give any author 25% of all sales if they publish direct through Amazon as opposed to the 5% their publishing house gives them? All the traditional publishers will immediately pull their properties off of Amazon to try to kill their new rival (or at least, try not to keep feeding the hand that is strangling them). So Amazon's Kindle readership has to be big enough that the readership stays with them when a huge amount of back-catalogue suddenly stops being available for purchase, big enough that authors will leave behind editors they have developed working relationships with over decades to have access to.

Amazon isn't there yet.

Comment Re:Eight bucks an hour..... (Score 1) 325

My advice to anyone wanting to get into this field: In your first job or internship, don't worry about money

You have got to be kidding. Have you taken a look at the shape of the education and employment markets today? Employers are demanding college educations for jobs that didn't require degrees back when you graduated; pretty much anything more than washing dishes these days requires at least a Bachelors. And the cost of those degrees has skyrocketed; the average college student here graduates with about $20,000 in loans that come due in 6 months at near-usurious interest rates.

Those darn "millennials" on your lawn need to worry about the money, because the experience of fetching coffee for Bob the 20 veteran incompetent VB coder doesn't pay for shelter, food, and loan payments every month.

Kids these days don't have the luxuries of a dirt cheap education and not worrying about the pay when they graduate.

Comment Re:The comment may also be complex.. (Score 4, Insightful) 660

And while you're spending your time figuring out why something that isn't broken works, he is coding something that you aren't coding at all. Sure, coding until it passes isn't the ideal, but it's a whole lot better than not coding at all (you).

Coding two routines by coincidence is not more productive than coding one routine properly.

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