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Comment LINPACK (Score 2, Interesting) 130

I think this is the first benchmarking article I've read in years where the organizers actually know what their benchmark program does: Refreshing to see real statistics (as good as they can make them), instead of the normal crap that is most hardware articles anymore.

I wonder what kind of score these beasts would get on 3DMark ?

Comment This mission was not a failure. (Score 5, Informative) 113

Remember that the lander was not meant to last through the Martian winter, and in fact was only tasked with a three month long mission. It lasted five months, which was longer than expected. The newer rovers are supposed to be able to survive for much longer, but this mission accomplished all that it was supposed to.

Comment Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 365

You know what I really can't understand ? Why wouldn't there at least be tested methods for this sort of thing? I can't believe that industries are allowed to do things like drill for oil underwater (which is complex and when failure can cost billions USD and human lives) without having set, tested plans in place in case of this sort of catastrophe.

Comment Sort of... (Score 2) 112

"It doesn't disable JavaScript entirely," Xiong said. "It only partially disables JavaScript."

That line really bothers me. How many times before have ways been found around things like SQL sanitization procedures? Why not block ALL javascript unless it's explicitly enabled? I can't believe that they would let that go.

Comment Re:Hey! This thing has code! Were you expecting th (Score 2, Funny) 112

I'm almost done a "Database Design and Development" course at college. Turns out the course entirely relies on MS Access (not exactly what I had in mind when signing up). Anyway, in the later part of the course macros/VBA was embedded in the example files, and one of the first instructions in the book was always "Enable the contents" - but the book never bothered mentioning why the warning was there and what the purpose was. I'm sure at least half of my computer science major peers would click OK without thought.

Comment Why wasn't this implemented from day one? (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Is this really a "feature" that should be celebrated? This should have been implemented since the beginning. If you're making a PDF reader, and the PDF spec has an "execute" functionality, shouldn't everyone developing these programs have seen the spec and realized what this could do?

Comment Seems a bit silly at first glance... (Score 1) 202

This seems rather odd as the firmware is just a binary blob anyway, right? I'm not sure what they achieve by doing this other than alienating their customers. However, does the firmware just happen to fall under an umbrella of things that non-customers should not have access to? That would better explain their position. Or they could just be trying to squeeze an extra dime out of people...

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