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Submission + - Sci-fi oceanic research vessel SeaOrbiter hits fundraising target

interquartzboy writes: SeaOrbiter, a futuristic-looking research vessel designed by Jacques Rougerie, the man behind the original underwater village, is set to become a reality after it hit its fundraising target. The spaceship-like vessel will travel the ocean currents for three or six months at a time with a crew of 20, and collect and analyse data about unexplored areas of the ocean using onboard labs. It will also produce documentaries and literature for use in education.

Terrafugia Wants Their Flying Car To Be Autonomous 94

Lucas123 writes "Terrafugia, a company that has been working on flying car prototypes for years, said it is now leaning toward an autonomous vehicle for safety reasons. Carl Dietrich, co-founder, CEO and CTO at Terrafugia, said at MIT last weekend that the company wants to build something that is statistically safer than driving a car. 'It needs to be faster than driving a car. It needs to be simpler to operate than a plane. It needs to be more convenient than driving a car today. It needs to be sustainable in the long run,' he said. The company's flyable car is designed with foldable wings and falls into the light sport aircraft category. It's expected to take off and land at small, local airports and to drive on virtually any road. Dietrich said the next-generation flying car is a four-seat, plug-in hybrid that doesn't require the operator to be a full-fledged pilot. A spokeswoman said today that the company is probably two years away from production."

Comment You just got low expectations (Score 2) 110

There are people who liked Deus Ex: HR but those are exactly the kind of dumbed down console players that would have hated the original Thief and for that matter the original Deus Ex. It is the same people who think Bioshock is a worthy sequel to System Shock.

That doesn't mean the new games are bad, they are just the equivelant of the current Discovery Channel to the one from a decade ago. Dumbed down and simplistic.

You can see this reflected in the universal action key, because you know how hard it is to remember more then one key. Those who love this call it stream lined. I call it dumbed down.

Your choice what you think. But remember when you read reviews of these type of games that changed market, what games the reviewer likes. If you read a review by a scat lover about a turd, you best make sure you share his views before you bite down.

Comment Re:Spoiler for "Red Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson (Score 1) 374

I've read this excellent book. But the outcome of a failure highly depends on the construction mode. It's more likely that the 'elevator' would look like a thin tape. In case of failure it would be akin to drape falling. No big deal even if there's lots of it, the middle part simply burning up in the atmosphere, the upper part getting in orbit.

Comment What a moronic piece (Score 1) 164

Fat people are not going to on a pedellic to begin with, they are going at most for an electric moped.

And if you buy a 500 dollar bike, you are not buying the same class of bike as 3500 dollar electric bike. 500 dollar bike is equal to a 1000 dollar electric bike.

Never go into business, you have no idea about market segmentation.

Comment TRY an electric bike (Score 3, Insightful) 164

The bending over you do to reduce drag isn't needed on an electric bike because even with just 250 watt, you basically got another set of legs pedalling. I got one myself and the biggest difference you notice straight away, apart from the insane acceleration (even mopeds have a hard time keeping up) is that WIND, the eternal enemy, is NO LONGER A FACTOR. Whoosh, GONE!

And the upright is not about BEING seen, in either position you are at the height of normal car windows, so plenty visible, it is about how easy YOU can see.

There just isn't a market for electric racing bikes. Not just because most racers don't want a support engine OR because the weight of engine and battery would triple the bike weight but because most build their own custom bikes and the best electric bikes use custom frames (mid-motor is where things are going).

The market for electric bikes simply ain't the health freaks, it is the people faced with a commute that is just to uncomfortable to ride themselves but who are not opposed to moving their legs a bit. People like me, I am neither fit nor unfit, I could ride 30 miles, I have done so when needed BUT I wouldn't do it of my own choice. I have a choice, go by car (longer commute and more expensive), cycle all the way (about 45 minutes) NO FUCKING WAY, go train + bus (extra waiting time kills commute time) or train + electric bike. WINNER! Fast, bit of excersize (downside, pants starting to fall down), cheap.

I am the target of the bike in the article. You are not.

This is no different from the eternal and rather boring debate about how electric cars don't have enough range to drive to another continent. NOT THE TARGET MARKET.

Comment A racing bike is more comfortable? (Score 1) 164

Yeah right... your an idiot but at least you are not alone. In the Netherlands, one of the most cycle friendly countries in the world, the "normal" bike is known elsewhere in the world as the Dutch model. It is the upright because it is the easiest and most comfortable to sit on for typical city commutes where you are not trying to kill yourself like some drugged out courier.

You can see a huge difference with the US where the majority of bicycles are hobby bikes, not used for daily commutes. This translates to electric bikes, in the EU 250 watt is the limit, in the US it goes far higher and frankly, that is insane. If you add a throttle option (illegal in the EU) you just got yourself a moped. 2KW throttle electric bike is just a motor cycle without the rigidity or the brakes.

There is a very simple reason you see very little electric racing bicycles. If you use them for your hobby, the point is to use your own leg muscles to go fast. Adding an electric motor is like adding an electric motor to a stationary exercise bike. It reminds me of people who equip mountain bikes with 1KW motors in each wheel. Just buy a cross motor already and be done with it.

Electric city bikes are about making your commute easier while still doing a bit of exercise. I got one myself, the 250 watt engine gives just that extra boost to keep going so that when the wind is against you (ain't it always) you don't give a shit. Neither with slight uphill gradiants. I also find I don't hate it as much when the lights are against me because it takes far less effort to get back up to speed again which has made me a saver rider since there is no need to take risks to cut the number of times you need to slow down.

Also, the more forward you sit on a bike, the more you are crushing bits. Racing bikes comfortable? That must be why the most common bicycles are racing bikes. Oh wait. They are not.

Just maybe bike makers know more then you about what sells.

Comment Dumb as can be (Score 0) 54

Dreams are just the garbage disposal of human memory after a day of accumulating cruft. If you do a memory dump _during_ the garbage disposal of a software, of course you'll end up with pieces that contain _some_ info, more or less connected to other pieces of info. It's not entirely random, but it's not interesting either. There was a lamba-calculus paper a decade ago that proved that any sufficiently advanced computation required a garbage collection, and the obvious conclusion was that dreams are just that. I'd like to find that paper again.

Comment Re:Wondering how it really works (Score 1) 68

Or is this part of what the firmware does; instead of being an access point making it act like a device, so it can connect to another access point?

That's the way I'm reading it. The hacked firmware does BOTH. It still acts as a WiFi router so it isn't discovered.

But it ALSO acts as a client to connect to another WiFi router.

And it runs a new process to crack the password to that router's Over-the-Air root access.

And some means of uploading the hacked firmware to the newly cracked router.

Comment Re:Wondering how it really works (Score 1) 68

Can anyone with deeper understanding explain this?

Stop being so modest. You've already hit the important issues.

But if I may add to your post. Getting ACCESS over-the-air to do any of that requires 1 of 3 situations:

1. A "back door" installed by the vendor. That is an account (username/password) that is, SUPPOSEDLY, only known by the vendor. That gives root access. This varies from vendor to vendor and product to product. So anything based upon this would only be able to hit WiFi routers A, B & C from vendor X. Not a real risk.

2. A vulnerability in a running service that can be exploited to get root access. Again, this varies from vendor to vendor and product to product. So anything based upon this would only be able to hit WiFi routers A, B & C from vendor X. Not a real risk.

3. The victim changing what is usually a DEFAULT setting NOT to allow over-the-air root access. And then using a password that is crackable in less than X years. This seems to be what the paper is describing.

And then a LOT of WiFi routers within communication range of each other, all with scenario #3 (although different passwords). So that one cracked WiFi router can run a process (remember, hacked firmware) to find the password of another such router.

So, yeah, you had it right.

I'd say that there isn't really any way that this could work anywhere except in a lab. As a very badly designed "experiment".

Comment Re:Keyword; simulated (Score 5, Informative) 68

Worms hop from system to system without the need for any human interaction. They exploit vulnerabilities in services listening on ports. Worms need a network.

A virus infects other files with copies of itself. But an uninfected machine still needs someone to run one of those files on the uninfected machine to infect the uninfected machine.

Viruses are a lot less common now. Mostly you see trojans and worms and "blended" threats that are a mix of trojans and worms.

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