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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 439

May I suggest you cancel your cable or satellite TV? You've already indicated your awareness that it is completely manufactured drivel. Mainstream media to real life is like Cramer is to investing -- not to be paid attention to and ideally not to be watched period.

Just turn the shit off and go do something outside.

Comment Re:May I be the first to say (Score 2, Insightful) 198

Amen. Can you imagine an 8-hour flight with everyone yapping around you? Hideous.

"yeah.. no that's what I said!.. oh he always acts like that HAHAHA... hey are you going to that thing on saturday?....... yeah but Jim will be there!..... oh this flight is taking for-EVER... geez promise you'll come visit me!.... oh hang on, he's calling, I'll call you right back!.. no, it's ok, we don't land for another four hours.. mmkay, bye--kisses!.... hey honey!"

Comment Re:Weren't the earlier betas much faster? (Score 4, Informative) 821

Vista is not at all a "bad OS." The upgrade path from XP to Vista may involve a hardware refresh but the OS itself is solid, attractive, and pretty user friendly. I've been running it for about a year and it has yet to full-on crash on me. In fact its ability to isolate faulting apps is excellent.

My Fedora10 system, by contrast, has way more quirks. Yes, it's apples to oranges when comparing the two for all the reasons we know about.

While I don't usually stand up for Msft, this "it's a bad OS" conclusion is not fair. Which isn't to say Msft didn't fumble in so far as not doing enough to get drivers rewritten or having awful, awful marketing (The Seinfeld ad was enough to turn anyone off the OS).

What really sucks is that XP is a just-fine OS as well.. but if you try to config a system on Dell now with XP it is an EXTRA $150 (!!).

Comment Re:Of course we don't need running shoes (Score 1) 776

While that wealth - "societal fitness" correlation sounds plausible, it is not supported by any evidence I am aware of.

There is no smarts - riches connection .

More succinctly, the Chinese have a saying -- "wealth does not last three generations." Someone is going to blow it, invest poorly, etc. That would suggest no genetic component worthy of mating with someone.

Comment Re:Of course we don't need running shoes (Score 1) 776

Regrettably I can't cite a source for this but I believe it was from something authoritative.. National Geographic or thereabouts.

At any rate, the bushmen of Africa do indeed perform marathon-like feats in order to catch game. Doubtful they do it in the blazing sun but I imagine there is a temperature zone where our lack of fur and sweat-cooled exertion is superior to the systems of an animal.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 330

Which assumes there is a open wifi connection in the area. That alone is unacceptable for any building/office that houses even "sensitive" data. 802.11b/g/n should all be jammed as well as the walls/windows lined with RF blocking mesh.

The guys running the .mil networks are a bit like union folk -- not actively seeking to make things worse but not staying up late to keep the holes plugged either. They'll have some laughably lopsided security approach -- pressurized conduit piping for CAT5 but servers running NT 3.5.

Bureaucracy, bloated budgets, Friday's off, consultants/contractors everywhere, protectionist agendas..

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