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Comment file size is good (Score 1) 440

In my smaller efforts, I do a standard file search in the Windows folder/browser in detail view.. say *.mov or *.mp3 and sort them by file size and it's pretty quick.
Add the folder/view column and you can see their location and identify all the duplicates. This may not work so well for .jpg or .raw where the file sizes are closer but if the file-names are also duplicated this will be quite obvious. Right-click and open destination for more info (what else is in that folder) or Simply select all but one of the files shown and delete , there and then. Done.
Or is this too simple a solution?

Comment Re:Forced Upgrades? (Score 1) 665

For me Firefox was getting to be the slower option. Anytime I tried switching tabs to my Facebook or Google+ page it was slow to respond. Since I redid my system (full reinstall) I now suddenly got the Flash player breaking (which is very well know problem but not experienced by me before a full system/latest software install) so I went to Chrome full time. Much better experience, no memory issues and everything works quickly.

Comment Re:Not buying into Facebook IPO (Score 1) 307

This aint Kansas any more, and Mark, this is not you and a few other developers starting a new site. You have spent a good portion of the funds you have for this, not to say it's a bad purchase and I am sure you can justify it, but I am not going to spend mega bucks on a renovation for my house without discussing it properly with the wife, and nor should you Mark, you have a management board for a reason and your obligated to use them. So no, I wont be raising Facebook investments with my wife.

Comment It aint limewire... (Score 1) 369

Like most of the comments, it's just because people are getting it from elsewhere, places that are not monitored in the same way. Users are smarter now and limewire was too obvious, the youtube rips etc are now unmonitored and uncounted... Easy. Oh and reason B, music has become crap and the reason for downloading it has been diminished, thus sales are still down. Limewire was so 5 years ago...

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 665

Yes, in summary there are a number of issue to contend with by doing it and none actually improve the situation for users or admins or the traffic/networks. Since intercepted traffic is not really an issue anyway (in reality with network switches etc) at least at the network level then having twitter etc login on std http is not really a big issue. Your more likely to have your password guessed, trojaned or brute-forced or keylogged than for it being intercepted (like a postcard being read by a postman). You can go to https://facebook/twitter/gmail to login if you want (and further protect your password) but for most web sites displaying public and open content (at least before you get to a checkout) using ssl is a big headache.

Comment Re:It's bad (Score 1) 524

You idiot, public information actually being used is now a threat? ...But guns in the US are a right? Derp! There are at least three apps in iTunes that do this, AR is only one of them yet because it has the AR feature (overlayed on the camera view like Layar etc) it is a perceived problem. Does anybody really think that terrorists with missiles are actually going to use this app for guidance information? Heres is a great example. Melbourne Cricket Ground, AFL Grand Final. Planned and Expected, Qantas A380 fly-over. I live near the Melbourne Airport, yet this shows up, the A380 comes down from Sydney, circles a nearby suburb 4 times for 30 minutes, goes over the MCG arena and leaves. There is no way I could use this information to determine the flight-path or expected location of this plane. I knew more about it from the TV broadcast than what this app could deliver.

Comment Re:Unclean hands (Score 1) 340

This may depend on the country that the crack was produced. It is possible that in certain locations, the crack or cracking/modification of the original items was not in itself illegal. In Australia chipping a game console is quite legal, but obtaining illegal copies is not. In this sense copying a game chip and it's propriety content would be illegal, even if it was re-distributed back into countries where the act itself was illegal. So (and people are skirting around it here, but to state it obviously)... Are Rockstar illegally distributing software produced quite legally? I will add one other scenario, you can claim a legitimate tax deduction for lost profits of illicit income. In that, if your drug money was stolen you can claim a tax deduction because of course, you were paying tax on your income and properly informing the government about this in the first place right?

Comment it aint just windows... (Score 1) 388

and yes this may be 'automated' but I don't leave my pc's on all hours so they dont all automate the patches that are released, and if I do leave it on it's for a reason so I get really upset finding my PC is running blank when I return the next day with a note saying your PC rebooted because of updates and my downloads/rendering/processing apps were all terminated Doh. It all the extra stuff though, Adobe, Firefox (and add-ins), Java, Virus, Logitech (kb's and webcams), Apps like torrent/tweet/scanner/etc/etc all look at the web and offer updates over and over again. It's a constant task to do this, and the 'regular' user like me is probably doing it on 2 or 3 machines at home and on behalf of their parents/family/friends pc's also. Not to mention this impacts on my downloads/net. Perhaps nice way to do all of this automatically and run a proxy so it only downloads once would be nice, but can I see these companies getting together to make it a nice quality service for the user, unlikely.

Comment How many convictions in OZ? (Score 1) 101

The question is, how many times have people been lawfully charged and convicted of illegal file sharing in Australia? I am not actually aware of any, sure the big movie companies and such send you emails accusing people of it all the time but lawfully charged and prosecuted? If it's down to what the big companies think then very few people will have an internet connection by the end of the decade, and there's the problem, nobody is going to police it at a government level, they will all just process the reams of logs and traffic that some private eye contractor on behalf of 'corny entertainment' shoves in there face and the normally responsible person get persecuted, and not properly prosecuted.

Comment Well that's mostly been unhelpful I am sure... (Score 1) 601

I love how 85% of comments on Slashdot are totally unhelpful and a waste of time. This developer is trying to do the right thing and get themselves motivated on their job, Slashdot and web sites in general are a distraction and they can also be an aid to a solution but 7 pages of 'get to work' and 'drink coffee' are using serious energy typing that in, for those that provided these types of comment, shuddup and go exercise! I don't think coding block is like writers block, writing a story usually comes from imagination and new ideas where coding comes from a logical progression to a solution. Break your tasks down into that logical progression; First find the solutions, what the tasks your trying to accomplish actually are, go back to the beginning, go back to the requirements list and re-work it, re-write it and go over these requirements again with somebody in the know, somebody who is open to discussion and can work together with you to re-understand what it is your trying to do. Break it down into parts, the functions, the challenges come first and the design, look and feel come later. We use Agile project methodology where we write those tasks on cards and the developers take them as items they can accomplish as simple steps, prioritise and go through to complete. It may seem silly but write up these tasks as line items on a list or separate pieces of paper. Have your testers contribute those cards to you also and then you will begin to get some workflow happening... Hey were moving... I hope this helps gives you some ideas and gets you moving beyond the blockage.

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