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Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 609

"Tests aren't failures as long as you learn from them. ..." But if each iteration of test/ education costs something like 10% of your can't afford to fail often. N Korea is bankrupt in every sense of the word...

Comment Politics and other reasons to keep it quiet (Score 1) 215

I do a lot of my reading while I travel and while I have not bought any porn on my Kindle, I like the idea that I can read a Michael Savage, or Michael Moore book without advertising my politics. As a guy, there are books I automatically pass over in a book store because a pink cover markets them to women, and it would not do to have 'Skinny Bitches' fall out of my briefcase in a meeting. With an e-book, that shaming factor goes away. To me, the privacy and compact size make them worthwhile.

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