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Comment Another PILOT scam. (Score 1) 111

Ah another project brought to you by PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes). Screwing the homeowners and tax payers of Niagara County once again. Niagara county is one of the most taxed counties in NY, PILOT was supposed to help start-ups get their feet off the ground, but has since been abused by large companies by promising high paying jobs in return for sales tax exemptions and property tax waiving. Case in point AES Sumerset. As with Google (in Lenoir county NC), its likely only a small fraction of the 175 announced jobs will be filled. Many of them being building maintenance jobs with most of the admins and engineers working remotely and not really contributing to the local economy (after all who wants to live in Lockport?, where yes the houses are cheap...but you have to pay 5000/year property tax on your 100k house).

Comment Re:Fascinating stuff (Score 1) 293

a "golden record", which is technology long since obsolete here on earth during only the short 30 year span of the mission. Food for thought.

For 189.99 you can get "The Doors Vinyl Box" at Best Buy. Hardly obsolete. High Def Vinyl? Funny thing is they have these crappy turntables on display near the Vinyl display. Who would spend 200 on 7 records then play them on a $150 jackhammer.

Comment Learn from the past: GJXDM, NIEM, N-DEX (Score 2, Interesting) 114

lets hope this doesn't turn into the cluster-f that we have with justice data. A schema the length of the bible, 4 different versions that no one is sure which to use, and a competing system running down the same path. And this is all dealing with intra-governmental agencies! No private sector here.

Comment Re:Megapixels of 1080p HDTV and 8x10 prints (Score 1) 596

I think its just a difference in terminology. Its also in important difference as marketing departments have put digital zooming on the same plain as optical zooming. Which it isn't. Digital zoom - as far as P/S cameras is zooming in farther than the optical zoom allows, a crop Crop - post process digital manipulation. Ease up on the might pop a vessel or something....geez.

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