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Comment Re:So much for democracy then (Score 1) 443

I agree. I feel that murder is wrong not from some inherent wrongness, but because it denies the victim of the right to life, the right to free thought (they're dead), the right to free speech (they're dead), etc, etc. It is this ultimate denial of rights (well, except the right to remain silent) that makes murder wrong.

Comment Re:Dark matter (Score 1) 128

Well, a new substance or particle that creates the observed effects of dark matter would very likely require new physics. For example, there is no dark matter candidate particle proposed by the Standard Model, though other theories and modifications of the SM do propose possible DM particles. These would be new physics.

Comment Re:My input on software patents... (Score 1) 209

The SCOTUS has in the past declared that products of nature, including mathematics, are unpatentable. That's the second definition.
The first definition is actually not a definition, it's implied by the Church-Turing thesis. While widely accepted that isn't (and can't be) proven, but we've never yet found a counterexample.
A short, informal proof:
A Turing machine can perform any computation that could be performed by a Bounded Storage Machine, such as any modern computer.
The set of computations that can be performed by a Turing machine is equivalent to that of the Lambda Calculus.
The Lambda calculus is a form of mathematics.
Therefore, the Lambda calculus can perform any computation that a computer can perform.
Since all software is a series of computations, all software can be transformed into the Lambda Calculus.
Therefore, all software is equivalent to mathematics.

Comment Re:so its like the human immune system? (Score 1) 183

True, but it also shows that the idea isn't totally invalid.
In the case of a computer virus the mechanics are closer to intelligent design or guided evolution, but there's still a selection function (AV detection/removal) and a change rate (new versions of the virus, or polymorphic code that changes itself in a pseudorandom fashion.)
Over time viruses get better at evading antivirus, and with broadly applied but weak antivirus (eg, the availability of virustotal.com) "resistant" or evasive versions will come to dominate.
So evolution is a reasonable analogy, though obviously imperfect.

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