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Comment DVORAK! (Score 1) 307

Yes, it is worth learning Dvorak just for such an attempt - but you will not be faster with it for at least a couple of weeks. It's worth learning Dvorak for many other reasons too - one of the most important being minimizing long-term wear and tear on your hands, which gets to be absolutely crippling at times if you aren't careful.

Comment Very Odd Coincidence (Score 3, Interesting) 1061

I realize that it's a different kind of place over there, but either that hack result is fake or there is a LOT of inbreeding going on in that church.. If you look over the list of members, there are 74 listed - and of those 74, there are only three (!) people whose last names are NOT either Phelps or Hockenbarger (or something hyphenated that includes one of those, like "Phelps-Roper").

So, 95.946% of these assholes are in one of those two families. Sounds like a genetic problem to me.

Comment Not stoppable (Score 1) 686

It may be possible to stop automated ad blocking software, but not ad source detection. As long as ad networks have separate IPs from the content they are interrupting, it will be as simple as copying and pasting a block of text into your hosts file to do the actual blocking.

No way in hell will they be able to make a law to force you to see content without identifying it's origin - and that's what it would take.

Comment Re:Riduculous Retiree Benefits (Score 1) 473

We have public pension plans because the free market has not yet managed to fuck that up. Ages ago, companies had pensions and people could actually believe they would be secure in their retirement. Has this economic disaster really not made it blindingly obvious to you that stock-market-based retirement programs are only a slight improvement over lottery-ticket-based retirement programs?

Without pensions, and with all these attacks on the already insufficient social security system by econocidal republican professional threateners in congress and the acceptance by their passive defeatist Stockholm-Syndrome-afflicted democratic "opposition" offering 20-to-1 'compromises' against their own supposed interests, with the insane costs of health care and health insurance here and the lack of single payer. the whole idea of retirement seems like a sad joke in this country for people of my generation (mid 30s) or younger. We are fucked.

Personally I would rather just get what money I can - not some stupid vouchers to force me to buy into a rigged stock market - actual, spendable money.

Comment Re:reduced short time memory and concentration (Score 1) 459

Sorry dude - I grew up with burnouts. You have do a lot of weed for a long time, but they SURELY weren't any smarter in any way that was obvious to an external observer. They did seem pretty happy though - just sitting on the couch was a great day for them.

Sorry dude, that's just your bad luck. Many people are able to function as well or better with as regular a regimen of marijuana use as heavy tobacco smokers - it's a matter of adaptation and suitability for a particular person. It's also very good for your health in many ways, especially if you stick to vaporizing. Read the medical studies, and notice how many very rich people support marijuana legalization and openly admit doing it on a regular basis. It's not all that predestined as you make it seem.

Comment Re:Going Through The Same Thing (Score 4, Informative) 403

Consider yourself screwed. You are being set up.

Let's see. Over the last 3+ years, 7 apps. Then in the last few months, they asked for 7 more, and also to start renting out your systems. They don't want to use the in-house staff, instead they want to have you take the blame for not being able to do a job in 1-2 weeks compared to what I assume you in-house staff estimated at 1-2 months. The outsourcers are quoting even longer, at 2.5 months.

You can quit, you can wait until things fail and take the blame and consequences, or you can stand up to these idiots demanding that you find someone willing to promise to do the impossible for small bags of money.

Comment You said it yourself.. (Score 1) 792

Ron Paul is not just an obvious exception, he's the only exception. Vote for him or the cycle continues. Period.
And btw - if you are not yet registered republican, even if their behavior up to this point totally disgusts you (that was the case for me), register republican and vote for Paul, at least in the primaries, or it will be your fault if the endless wars (including on drugs) continue.

It won't be mine.

Once he's a nominee, Obama doesn't have a chance. But for the record I'd prefer Obama to waste another four years than have any other republican wipe the country with his ass like bush did.

Comment Re:Hell that's nothing (Score 5, Interesting) 1059

I voted for Obama and his performance has been horrifying on civil liberties, wars, his treasonous betrayal of what he promised on medical marijuana, his casual arrogance and assumption that everyone will support him again because they have no other choice.. fuck him. I wouldn't say that he is actually a paid undercover republican operative, but if he were, he'd probably be doing the same things, if he were smart. He has exercised less executive power than

I have never supported a republican in my life before, but I just registered as one to support Ron Paul. If they don't make him their nominee, they are idiots, I'll support him anywhere. I disagree with him on abortion, on some issues of environmental regulation, and other minor things, but I have never agreed with any presidential candidate on more - except for Dennis Kucinich.

Other than Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, and Al Franken, most of the rest of the group of people 'on his side of the aisle' don't deserve to be called democrats, or for that matter representatives of their people. Ron Paul would be a better democrat than the rest of them combined, and he's not even a democrat.

Where the hell is the rest of congress on civil liberties? We all know TSA is security theater, how come only a few people are screaming about it? Those people need to be elected, it's the least we can do.

If we don't elect Ron Paul, we will get the endless war we have had for the last few decades. If we do, it ends here. There is only one choice.

Comment License It (Score 1) 848

If you did this on your own time, you own it. If it will save them money, it's in their best interest to pay for the software. Figure out how much it saves them per month/year, and offer to charge them half of that (on a monthly/yearly basis) to license your software. If they say no, either GPL it (and give it to them free) or start approaching other schools that could use the same type of software.

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