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Comment Re:What is Facebook good for, again? (Score 1) 96

The big one for me is events. Friends set up events on facebook and also music gigs, etc. Brilliant way of tracking them. I even have it linked into google calendar with all my other items I need to track like college timetable, etc. Its light years better than when I had to read through newspapers and stuff to find out when things were on, or had to ring a load of people to set up a night out or whatever.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 459

You are very wrong. I can tell you first hand there is huge physical withdrawl if you smoke enough for long enough. Not being able to sleep or eat for days or weeks is normal. Sweating constantly, waking up in pools of sweat. Take one bite of food, instantly full. Only way to sleep is wait till you pass out, then wake an hour later as if it was 1 min. Took two weeks for me to be sorta normal, more like a month before I felt physically fine. The mental addiction lasts months.

Comment Re:PBS (Score 2) 86

Dark matter doesn't sound even remotely as weird as quantum mechanics. Yet quantum mechanics works incredibly well. You wouldn't have been able to type that comment without us understanding quantum mechanical effects that seem like magic. How uninituitive a theory sounds is a ridiculous judge of whether it is useful or accurate.

Comment Re:Can't wait (Score 1) 513

Until the founders of Google lose majority voting control in 2014 I don't fully agree. They are slowly becoming more of a megacorp. Starting to not care about their customers needs, dropping features and stuff. But I still believe the founders are trying to keep google somewhat good.

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