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Comment With TPB posted a compendium of published promos (Score 4, Interesting) 124

I understand Promo Bay requests submitters list the top 3 countries, presumably for geo-targeting, but I wish the TPB folks would at least put up a web page that lists ALL of the published promos from every country.

I love discovering new music, and love listening to music from all over the World. I'd hate to not discover some awesome music from say Gabon or Tanzania or India because the submitter didn't put USA as one of the Countries.

Comment Data Breach (Score 5, Insightful) 385

Technically it qualifies as a Data Breach Incident. Depending on the industry the original drive belonged to shit could hit the fan.

The fault lies entirely with the original owner for not wiping the hard drive before returning the equipment. NewEgg is ot in the data wiping business.

Of course the easiest thing for you to do would simply be to repartition it and reformat it.

Comment There are flaws alright. (Score 4, Insightful) 181

Flaw #1 - Using YouTube to distribute your video. There ARE alternatives now.

Flaw #2 - Not suing UMG in Small Claims Court for damages. You want Small Claims since Universal would expressly be prohibited from using any lawyers.

If enough people who've had their videos taken down erroneously sue UMG in small claims court you'll literally bankrupt them.

Comment Re:Well this is disturbing. (Score 2) 445

Here was my problem:

1 - Drive was bad. Very loud "clicking" noises w/i first 30 days of owning it.
2 - Drive had confidential and proprietary data stored on it for work. No, I didn't set up FileVault. Never trusted it.
3 - Taking it to Apple meant I would effectively be discarding the drive in direct violation of data handling standards I was subjected to at the time.
4 - I would have been w/o my main workstation for about a week.

Heading down to Fry's on a Wednesday afternoon and buying a $30 toolset that included needed Torx drivers and a new SATA hard drive meant I was back up and running in about an hour. (Total spend about $200 for drive & tools.)

Swore after that I'd never buy another iMac because of the damn drive (& heat). Here I am on a 27" iMac with an SSD (which is the only reason why I bout another iMac because of the SSD option.) I'm just hoping Apple continues to make the Mac Pro when I'll be able to afford one again.

Comment Well this is disturbing. (Score 5, Interesting) 445

I rarely have ever run into a hard drive go bad within a year (24" iMac though was a very expensive and notable exception).

I HAVE however run into my fair share of HDDs go bad within 3 years and definitely 5 years.

So -

Does anybody know which manufacturers offer the BEST warranties? Here I was just getting ready to order some 3TB SATA 7200RPM drives for my Drobos.

Comment He's still a douche. (Score 1) 579

I don't care what loopholes he's able to use, doing that is still a douche move.

(Typed from my Apple Wireless Keyboard into a Safari textbox running on Mac OS X Lion on my 27" iMac. I love the products, but the more I learn about Jobs the more disgusted I become at him.)

The man was fracking prick.

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