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Comment ipad air ipad + air (Score 1) 471

i yelled outloud when i heard the name.
then i saw that it is not the dual screen clamshell combination iPad AirBook i was looking for.
some day I will have my dual touch screen system with a display for the keyboard.
but alas. not today.

Comment Re:'dropping out' trope is not a life strategy (Score 1) 655

I'm not saying that I would take the same avenue today. If I were 20 years younger and looking at the same field, a degree or other form of post-secondary schooling is nearly essential to do what I am doing.

The job descriptions usually have an X year degree or Y years of practical and related experience. Y is usually somewhat larger than X.

Comment I'm a non-degree slacker (Score 5, Insightful) 655

I graduated Grade 12 in the early 80's. Was going to go for a CS degree but put it off for a year while I worked. Then another year went by, and so on.

Back then, the vast bulk of "nerds" loved this stuff as a hobby and could slide into a work role easy enough. Then people started going to school to 'learn teh computerz' as it seemed like an easy way to make cash. Those are the folks who were dumped during the dot-bomb.

Fact is many of the best IT folks I know who also have excellent technical skill were self-taught.

Submission + - Blackberry Messenger to his iOS and Android today (

grub writes: According to TechCrunch, BBM for iOS and Android will go live today: "Hey, remember when BlackBerry was going to officially roll out BBM for iOS and Android a few weekends ago only to be stymied by technical issues? At the time it was yet another dark mark on BlackBerryâ(TM)s already sketchy record, but things are finally starting to look up. The company confirmed on its Inside BlackBerry blog that the messaging app will go live in the Android and iOS app stores for new users once more at some point today."

Now to find some people still using Blackberry to swap PINs with!

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