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Comment Re:Comparative sacrifice (Score 5, Interesting) 273

Snowden's revelations are much more important to the world as a whole. That the punishment wreaked on the person in Pakistan is much worse than that Snowden has yet received is beside the point. By exposing a corrupt machine that is used in the process of killing numerous innocents around the world through drone attacks is but one example of how Snowden's information can save many lives. Then of course there is the privacy right of the entire fucking planet. Female education abuses in some parts of Pakistan are important, but they just aren't anything like the scale of Snowden's whistleblowing.

Comment Re:Fucking idiots (Score 1) 1532

Due process free everything, expanding war in Afghanistan, trying to extend Iraq (but failing), war in Libya w/o Congressional authorization, war on whistleblowers and the press, NSA, pro cluster bombs, and on and on.

These are NOT liberal values. Obama is almost as liberal as Nixon, right down to his less liberal health care plan.

Comment Re:They say they'll shut it down but they NEVER DO (Score 2, Interesting) 1532

Shedding the Federal government is not the same thing as anarchy. There is still state, county, and city government after that. What exactly do the Fed's do? Blow shit up, make enemies around the world, get us further and further into debt, engage in crony capitalism/privatize profit and socialize losses, destroy civil rights, etc. etc.

So yeah, thinking of the Feds being shutdown makes me feel hopeful and happy. Now if the fuckers would just totally go move to N. Korea, the world would be comparative bliss.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 1532

Preventing terrorism?

You mean more like costing Americans billions in lost jobs, corporate espionage, and identity theft. The NSA is in cahoots with every cracker looking to steal your shit and take your job away:

So while I would agree that NSA is not non-essential, I would agree with that statement only because "non-essential" also implies that the NSA is not a malignant cancer on the health of America (and American values).

Anyway, you've sucked Clapper's dick enough for today's astroturfing quota.

Comment Re:doesn't europe spy as well? (Score 1) 166

Yeah - no reason to get outraged. The NSA uses our tax dollars to inject weaknesses in applications, encryption techniques, and devices which make it easier to be a victim of identity theft. Worse, after we completed exporting our manufacturing economy during the 80s and 90s in favor of "knowledge jobs", the NSA makes it obvious that doing business with American companies is unwise at best, though moronic is a better descriptor. And if that's not enough, all those aforementioned weaknesses make it easier to hack into businesses and steal their work or otherwise damage them.

So we're talking something like $54 billion a year for ID theft (1), $35 billion for the cloud crap in the next three years (2), and $100 billion and 500k jobs or so due to industrial espionage (3).

What the NSA is doing to undermine security is costing Americans and American businesses billions every year, and harming employment to boot. The NSA is much more akin to a co-conspirator in a Russian computer crime gang than to some run of the mill spy who "always did this" because those others didn't screw with NIST, or use the force of the US Gov't to require backdoors. And worse, we have to pay for it with our tax dollars -- we're paying to get fucked by an agency that destroys American values and then turns around damages our economy. It's like paying to get robbed.

So you know what, you can just take a flying fuck with your idiotic "everyone does it" crap. Your complacency is allowing the NSA to continue directly harming America and Americans.


NOTE: certainly the NSA isn't responsible for the entire $160ish billion per year, but it is doing it's darndest to get there.

Comment Re:So Obama lied again (Score 1, Interesting) 513

Quit thinking the world is so binary. Just because someone says Obama is an authoritarian murderous constitution destroying lying piece of shit, doesn't mean that person is praising Republicans who are the same.

There is a third option, e.g., BOTH parties are metastasizing cancer with absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

Comment Re:Should have dismissed (Score 1) 117


If the troll loses now, and continues to lose every appeal, there would still be no precedent. It is only set when a verdict is overturned.

A precedent at the appellate level can be set when a trial court's decision is affirmed. What is of most importance are the legal issues that form the basis of the appeal. This case appears to have the potential to be a significant decision on venue no matter who wins at the trial court level, providing of course there is an appeal of the venue decision.

In any event, the story is kind of confusing -- I'm having trouble seeing it as a great victory because instead of being dismissed, the case is still alive and the troll gets to go to a jury (i.e., vegas). Who knows how the jury will view the texas filing-cabinet office. Anyone remember that guy who lied to get on the Apple/Samsung jury? Yeah, they could get that kind of jury, and then who's laughing?

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