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Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 4, Insightful) 262

How times change. And to think that the US Government once prosecuted WWII Japanese Officers over the war crime of waterboarding. We executed some of those convicted, and others spent a long time in prison. Cheney and his ilk though(*), they profit from the chest thumping book sales.

(*) I include those who excuse such War Crimes, such as Obama, in that "ilk"

Comment Re:OMG (Score 2) 262

Spying on foreign leaders! What will they think of next.

This line is beyond tiresome. Are you too stupid to understand the difference between assuming and knowing?

Assumer: Gov't spies on allies!
Listener: GTFO foil hatter.

Knower1: Gov't spies on allies!
Knower2: We should think about whether we really want to do this.

Comment Re:Seems fishy (Score 4, Insightful) 262

That's part of the problem with massive caches of data -- it's hard to secure. So, setting aside all the potential evils that will absolutely certainly occur because of politicians and career bureaucrats having the data, throw in the random security breach by insiders, contractors, script kiddies, whatever.

It is beyond retarded to trust the government with this data.

Comment Re:Actions to take (Score 5, Insightful) 337

On one hand you have the public backlash if/when an attack succeeds due to inadequate intelligence gathering.

I don't know about this. Take 9/11 for example -- did GWB get voted out? Did he have his power limited? Did Congress refuse to let him do whatever wars he wanted?

No. He was re-elected. He expanded executive power. And even Democrats like Clinton were not reading the Intelligence Estimate calling into question GWB's push for Iraq and falling all over themselves to start a pointless war. All those private contractors profited handsomely. The revolving door between cabinet posts and VP of this or that is lubed up and spinning.

So, perhaps the opposite is true. Perhaps an attack results not in backlash, but in uplift for these DC fuckwads.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 3, Insightful) 322

Fiberglass reinforced plastic hulls, the most ubiquitous type, commonly experience what are called blisters. Even the epoxies (the plastic part) are not totally impervious to salt water and over the years, it seeps in and can cause a chemical reaction -- this expands and leaves a blister. Examples:

You have to grind them away, fill with new epoxy, fair your work, and then you can put on new bottom paint. Every aspect is toxic.

Other kinds of plastic degrade as well. For example, it only takes a couple years for 5 gal plastic pail to become brittle -- I had to replace a couple this year that had only seen three seasons holding shrimp and crabs because the rims shattered just with light handling.

It really doesn't matter what you put in or near sea water -- it will destroy it. Which makes this Roman Concrete pretty astounding.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 322

I got my first boat a few years ago, and to prevent myself from having an expensive albatross I couldn't sell in the event I didn't end up really using the boat, I bought an old cheap boat. I figured I could sink it and not cry, so if I hated having it, no big deal, no loan -- just pull it out of the marina and give it away on craigslist.

Turns out I love having a boat, but for my next one, I'm going to hire someone to do the blisters. I fixed about 150 or so on this boat --- what a nasty horrible toxic job. Never again!

Also, my next boat will have no teak on the outside, or if there is some, I'll sand off the varnish and let it weather. Boats with lots of varnished teak are beautiful, and I love looking at exterior teak on *other* people's boats. Learned that lesson too.

Comment Re:doesn't help people take games seriously either (Score 1) 737

in support of apathy and of also being able to see the link without having to mouse over it, so in support of laziness as well:

<WTF> never saw that lameness filter before ("that's an awfully long string of characters ...")</WTF>

damn, I can't just paste it in, but go ahead and mouse over this if you have the energy or inclination.

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