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Comment Prior Art (Score 1) 280

On my Mac, 8.1-point Helvitica is more readable, has more leading, and takes up only a tiny bit more space. With a tweak to your system prefs*, 7-point Helvitica takes up about 2/3 the space and is equally readable. *Go to System Preferences > Appearance > Turn off text smoothing ..., and change the setting to 4.

Comment Re:What about servers? (Score 1) 451

I don't see much use of Java on the desktop these days (aside from a few specific applications)

For end-users maybe not, for developers a lot of tools are Java, with IDEs at the top of the list. Say goodbye to Eclipse on Mac??

Comment Re:Posting from it now.... (Score 1) 284

"I think Opera is honest" is not the point. You're being asked to trust criminals not to figure out that Opera is probably an easy target, since they probably don't have a big security team and mandatory audits the way banks and large ecommerce sites do. You're being asked to trust Opera to perform well in an area (security internal and external) that isn't their core competency.

Comment By their definitions, everyone needs to register (Score 1) 849

By their definitions, * North Carolina is a "subversive organization" since it "conducts" its government through the use of force (via the police). * Anyone who interacts with the global economy meets the "affiliated...indirectly" part of being under "foreign control". * Anyone who hears a foreign government official quoted on the news and has their opinion influenced (no matter how slightly) meets the definition of a "foreign agent".

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