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Submission + - Why do people jump to conclusions?

the_B0fh writes: " claims that Theo accepted lots of $$ from AMD to say bad things about Intel. Theo denies that AMD has given him money. History tells us that Theo has never been reticent about speaking out, even if it hurts his funding (re: Darpa's $2mil grant). So, what is the kuro5hin author basing his opinions on? And why is there a Microsoft link in that page? In the comments section, someone mentioned Matt Dillon's analysis which seems to be in agreement with Theo's analysis. In fact, the only statements I've seen from Linus is only about one of the erratas, and not the others (especially nice things such as second core not obeying the NX bit and so on). Do people just not read and analyze what others say, and blindly accept opinions? Ah, nevermind."

Submission + - Private Funds For Time Travel (

WED Fan writes: "A University of Washington researcher who couldn't find funds the old fashioned way, from the Government, has raised funds from private parties to continue with his back in time studies.

He is studying the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox. Basically, using spooky action, he wants to be able to use entangled pairs to send messages, not only through space, but also in time.

As the evidence for this has accumulated, several fairly contorted and unsatisfying efforts have been aimed at solving the puzzle. Cramer has proposed an explanation that doesn't violate the speed of light but does kind of mess with the traditional concept of time.

Question: How do you know where to find and "listen" to the right entangled particle to receive a message from the future? Or, in that vast amount of noise, if you don't know someone is sending a message, how do you know its there?"


Submission + - Mac OS Becoming Juicier Target for Virus Writers (

imamac writes: An article posted at Fox News is broadcasting Mac Security as becoming more like Windows." It notes that exploit code was written very quickly for a set of updates released on May 24. "It is very Microsoft. It's something we've grown to expect in Microsoft: The descriptions of patches lead people to write exploits for something that's been patched." Yet the opening statement says that "compared with Windows, the Macintosh platform is still largely untouched by vulnerability exploits." So which is it?

Submission + - Reporter Arrested on Orders of Giuliani Press Sec. (

An anonymous reader writes: Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani's staff members in a press conference. The press secretary identified the New York based reporter as having previously asked Giuliani about his prior knowledge of WTC building collapses and ordered his arrest on the grounds of criminal trespass, despite protest of CNN staff. He had a proper press pass.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone runs "real" OS X

Sugar Water Salesman writes: Reading through the coverage of Steve Jobs' appearance last week at All Things Digital, I stumbled across something that I haven't seen discussed before. According to Jobs, the iPhone runs a full version of OS X. . From

"Whoa. Jobs says iPhone runs "real OS X, real Safari, real desktop email." Walt follows up: If that's true, could other OS X applications run on the iPhone? Jobs says no. "They're not designed to."
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Submission + - Mandy Amanno "Mac Chick of the Month" (Jun (

Ed over in Accounting writes: "Anyone remember Apple and Pepsi's iTunes "Under the cap" promotion of 2005? The ad campaign was launched in a highly publicized Super Bowl ad, and featured a pretty girl named Mandy Amano. She reached instant internet fame, and eventually ended up in Maxim. She is apparently a die-hard Apple fan as well, and is this month's "Mac Chick of the Month" over at Macenstein."

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