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Comment the short answer is: telemedicine (Score 5, Insightful) 211

it's basically an upgraded version of traditional Chinese physicians smelling the emperor's feces as a diagnostic tool

chemical assays of one's urine and feces can test for many health concerns, monitor your diet, and if your medicines need to have their doses adjusted

you'd sit on your toilet in the morning, and then get a message from your doctor saying there's elevated levels of marker in your urine and he wants you to come in the office to check something out

that's the utopian vision anyways

for the dystopian vision, check out all the other comments here

Comment Re:We are living in interesting times (Score 2) 583

They don't do this when people download copies of evidence of other crimes on the internet. Despite the fact that people suffer at least as much in those other crimes, and people also get enjoyment from those things. And get no punishment for that.

you don't validate a point by going "yes, it's wrong, but someone else is doing something wrong"

your point is actually correct in the opposite way: child porn photos should no longer be traded AND crime scene victim photos should no longer be traded. crime scene victim photos aren't punished as badly as child porn photos? correct. so start punishing them as well

the concept of justice is what it is. you can't rationalize it away by saying injustice exists somewhere else

Comment Re:I have no sympathy (Score 2) 353

> and I suspect pilot salaries probably aren't exactly
> the same as retail employee salaries

Not exactly, but closer than you might think. A look at the numbers:

The upshot is that variability is high, but for junior pilots pay is between about $20k (for regional airlines) and $50k (highest starting pay at a major ariline). Average major airline starting pay is $36k. Of course pilots fresh out of school don't get those major airline jobs.

Retail salaries also vary widely. Minimum wage is 7.25/hr, which comes out to $14,500/yr if we assume 40-hour weeks and 2 weeks unpaid vacation. On the other hand, Costco pays $11.50 an hour for a starting salary: and average pay for Costco employees is around $45k (see ), which is admittedly rather high for retail.

Submission + - Orson Scott Card's Views on Gay Marriage Fuel "Ender's Game" Movie Boycott

circletimessquare writes: The New York Times has the story:

Mr. Card was issuing a public plea for tolerance of his views — “with the recent Supreme Court ruling, the gay marriage issue becomes moot,” he noted in a statement to the Entertainment Weekly Web site — in response to a planned boycott that had burst into prominence only the day before, when The Huffington Post published an article about a Web site called

Comment Re:additional advice: (Score 0) 413

if any other cyclists come to blows with me, i will go home with a black eye, and still alive, rather than in a body bag, like Seth Vidal

if the desire to preserve my life is selfish in the matter of road rules that as far as i understand make no sense whatsoever, then i shall be selfish, and i shall insist other cyclists conform to what i am advising, rather than the other way around, out of their own selfish sense of preservation as well

and then the laws, and bad advice like yours, should change

as for your desire to clothesline people you have a problem with, that has a way of taking care of itself, as no matter how bad ass you think you are, there's always someone out there with an even worse attitude, and you type of guys always seem to have a knack for meeting each other, someone with an worse response than even you can muster, and you probably won't be getting back up. so you're a self-solving problem, friend

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