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Comment Re:Layers on layers on layers (Score 2) 96

The reason not to run the Android user-space is footprint. If you use Android apps and a browser, you have two parallel platform stacks --- rendering, compositing, VM, networking, UI, etc both running on a phone at the same time. Getting rid of the Android Java stuff means you can use the Web and local HTML5-based apps at the same time with only one stack. Saves a lot of memory and simplifies the software design considerably.

Comment Re:20 years passed (Score 0) 422

there's something about spring, and april particularly

there is such a thing as seasonal affective disorder

my point is, it is possible to suggest that there is some sort of deeply rooted seasonal psychological fluctuation in humans that might explain why mid spring / april in the northern hemisphere is the time of crazies

Comment Re:How Tragic (Score 2) 422

The factory didn't make explosives, it only made fertilizers. It is stuff that like many chemicals can in some situations be explosive, no doubt.

fertilizers and explosives share a common trait:

lots of nitrogen

for the fertilizer, it's the bioavailability of nitrogen for plants that is the point

for explosives, the point is that nitrogen really, really wants to be N2 again

for explosives, AND fertilizer, when you pack a lot of nitrogen together in a chemical, and then heat it up, the nitrogen tends to figure out how to become happy N2 again, releasing a lot of energy in the process

a fertilizer factory is basically the same as an explosives factory, in regards to the existence of lots of chemical feedstock compounds containing nitrogen grumbling that it is not N2

Comment Re:Jumping to conclusions (Score 1) 1105

terrorism has a specific meaning

or at least it should

the surprise intentional mass murder on innocent civilians outside of wartime for political reasons

however, the term has been so abused and overused and applied to so many completely unrelated subjects (my professor is a terrorist for scheduling the final when he did... my political opponent is a terrorist because of his fiscal policies... etc) that the word no longer has a coherent meaning

Comment Re:Nothing New (Score 1) 628

That is not correct. When I toured the South Korean side of the DMZ the tour guide brought along an escapee from North Korea. She said that at least in her village (near the SK border) people generally had a pretty good idea of the true situation.

Comment Re:this could be the downfall of the NRA (Score 1) 344

4 million members is a tiny minority of the us population. why do you speak of this number with pride? due to demographics, it is in fact shrinking

why is such a tiny minority allowed to lord a status quo over the usa that is detrimental to so many lives?

don't answer that, it doesn't matter

demographics will mean membership is 3 million, then 2 million, etc

and the bulk of rational and sane citizens will move on without you long before that

enjoy obsolescence

Comment Re:this could be the downfall of the NRA (Score 0) 344

it's about hypothesizing how to defeat the NRA, the odious merchant of murder. its funding by gun manufacturers is the problem. like most problems in washington dc, it is about how the will of the people is being defeated by financial interests. with the NRA this phenomenon is especially odious because the results are actual deaths of thousands of citizens a year

the mouth breathing paranoids who support the NRA are of no consequence. they are a fringe group that is dying demographically

without financial influence in washington dc, guns would be more strictly controlled, as they should be in any sane society

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